BBC's quiz classic features Red Dwarf once again.

2 February, 2018

In 2003, it was Steve Clark. In 2013, Katy Bateman. And in 2018, it's Ken Morland.


Yes, Red Dwarf has once again returned as a specialist subject on the long-running BBC quiz show Mastermind - with Energy Analyst Ken becoming the third contestant in this website's lifetime to take on the dreaded Black Chair. Steve won his heat - getting only one Dwarf question wrong in the process - while Katy got a perfect score in the Dwarf round but was knocked out after the general knowledge section. But how did Ken compare in his appearance last Friday (26th January)?

Well, you can find out if you head on over to the BBC iPlayer and watch it before it expires at the end of February. But if you're reading this after then, or you don't have access to the BBC in your region, then we'll tell you:

He kicked bottom! With a perfect score of 14 in the Red Dwarf round, Ken was perfectly placed to go on and take the victory, and with a further 14 in general knowledge he sailed through his heat with a total score of 28 (we worked that out without a calculator, who says we're not smart enough to go on Mastermind ourselves?)

Congratulations to Ken on his excellent display of Dwarf knowledge, and we'll be watching avidly to see how he gets on in the next round. In the meantime, if you want to have a go at the quiz yourself, we've taken the liberty of reproducing (shortened versions of) the questions here - so stick two minutes on the clock, and see how well you can do!

  1. What is the title of the first episode, broadcast in 1988?
  2. In Dimension Jump, Ace Rimmer's catchprase is "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be..."?
  3. In his first episode, Kryten tells Lister that he looks forward to watching which soap opera?
  4. Who plays The Cat?
  5. After Lister loses Rimmer and Starbug to the BEGGs, he offers to exchange them for a piece of cutlery. What does he call it?
  6. Rimmer claims to have a BSc - but rather than Bachelor of Science, what do the letters stand for?
  7. In Future Echoes, when Lister is about to die, he says "I've never had a prawn vindaloo, I've never read..."?
  8. Who replaced Norman Lovett as Holly from Series III?
  9. In Give & Take, Rimmer and Kryten think they've rescued the medical droid Asclepius. What is the name of the vending machine they've actually rescued?
  10. According to Holly in Confidence & Paranoia, the worst book ever was written by which footballer?
  11. What name does Rimmer give to the glove puppet that he starts talking to after catching the holo-virus?
  12. Which character is played by Clare Grogan and Chloe Annett?
  13. What is the name of the gestalt entity that regains existence by combining the minds and personalities of the four main characters?
  14. What is the slogan on the t-shirt Rimmer wears when all his anger has been removed by the Polymorph?

Click to reveal answers:

And if that's not enough Red Dwarf quizzage for you, then head on over to our Games section to test your mettle even further!

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