Come And Play

All of this decade's Red Dwarf available to stream for free with UKTV!

29 June, 2018

There are more ways to get a Red Dwarf fix these days than you can shake a stick at - and for the viewer who can't be bothered to pull their DVD or Blu-ray sets down off the shelf, one of the best ways is via the UKTV Play streaming service. Not least because, if you're in the UK, it's completely free.

Come And Play

And right now, you're able to watch the entirety of the last three seasons of Red Dwarf. In other words, basically the entirety of the Dave era (with the exception of 2009's Back to Earth). Every episode from the current decade. A fraction under 25% of all the Red Dwarf that's ever been made. For absolutely zero pennies.

All you have to do is register for a free account on the service - and you can stream the episodes via smart TVs, Android and Apple phones and tablets, Amazon Fire and Roku streaming players, Freeview Play and Now TV boxes, and a wide range of TV subscription platforms. Or just directly in your web browser via the website.

So in case you've forgotten, here are the delights that await you in Series X through to XII...

Series X

Come And Play


Rimmer receives an SOS Distress Call from a doomed ship commanded by his all-conquering brother, Howard. But Rimmer can't bring himself to save Howard until he's on an equal footing career-wise. He has 15 hours to pass his Astro-Nav exam and become an Officer. The same exam he's already failed nine times.

Classic Moment:

Rimmer learns which large antlered animal is responsible for the most traffic accidents in Sweden in the 1970s...

Fathers and Suns

Every year Lister sends himself a Father's Day card to celebrate the fact that he is his own father; but when Rimmer points out he's been a lousy father to himself, Lister decides to do something about it. Meanwhile, Rimmer and Kryten install a new computer: the beautiful - but lethally logical - Pree.

Classic Moment:

Lister's pre-recorded video conversation with himself - and the reveal of his guitar's whereabouts.


Marooned in Britain in 23 AD, the Dwarfers need an 8-volt battery to power up their Returner Remote and get home. Remembering a lesson from school, Rimmer suggests they make a battery out of lemons - but the nearest lemon to Britain in 23 AD is in India, 4,000 miles away. They begin their journey, a journey that will ultimately lead them to a meeting with a historical A List Celebrity that could alter the entire history of civilisation.

Classic Moment:



Lister loses Rimmer in a game of poker to a group of Biologically Engineered Life Forms and in return gets an unwanted gift: a groinal exploder programmed to detonate in 24 hours unless Lister pays his debts. Meanwhile Kryten and Cat become quantum entangled and do everything in perfect unison.

Classic Moment:

The entangled Kryten and Cat in a simultaneous tongue-twisting tour de force.

Dear Dave

Lister has women trouble when he gets himself in a love triangle with Snack Dispensers 23 and 34; then, to make matter worse, gets a letter from an old girlfriend telling him she's pregnant and it might be his. Lister and Rimmer hunt through the mountain of letters from the mail pod to discover if Lister is finally a dad.

Classic Moment:

Lister gets up close and personal with a vending machine...

The Beginning

Hiding in an Asteroid, surrounded by a Simulant Death Ship and a fleet of Annihilators, the Dwarfers begin to wonder whether this is the beginning of the end. Only one man can save them. Unfortunately, that man is Arnold J Rimmer.

Classic Moment:

Rimmer learns the truth behind his parentage, discovering that he's a "working class hero"!

Series XI

Come And Play


The Dwarfers find themselves in an alternative version of America where modern technology is prohibited, making Rimmer and Kryten illegal. The Dwarfers infiltrate the tech savvy underground and try to bring down the authoritarian regime.

Classic Moment:

The most spectacular Starbug crash ever seen onscreen, as the boys make an unscheduled arrival on Earth.


When the Dwarfers investigate a crashed ship at the bottom of an ocean moon, Lister and Cat become trapped together and Lister's nightmare begins. Meantime Rimmer and Kryten discover the ship is controlled by a dark force.

Classic Moment:

"Formica!" The Cat shares his unique perspective on the theories of Archimedes...

Give & Take

After an altercation with a deranged droid Lister has his kidneys organ-napped. The only solution is to ask Cat, the most selfish creature in the universe, to give him one of his.

Classic Moment:

The brilliantly time-twisty solution to the problem of Lister's missing kidneys.

Officer Rimmer

After a scandalous piece of good fortune Rimmer saves the life of a bio-printed Captain and is promoted, fulfilling his life-long dream of becoming an Officer. He immediately opens an Officer's club, which is out of bounds to the lower orders, and uses the bio-printer to fill it with versions of himself.

Classic Moment:

A barbershop quartet consisting of 100% Rimmers.


Kryten has a mid-life crisis and changes his body cover from Mech grey to Ferrari red. The posse try and show him how much he's achieved in life by taking him to visit a mechanoid from his old fleet.

Classic Moment:

Kryten unveils his whizzy new chassis. And his subwoofers.

Can of Worms

Cat takes time off from being in love with himself to fall head over heels in love with a lady Cat with a big secret.

Classic Moment:

A nine-way Mexican standoff between Rimmer, Lister, Kryten and their Polymorph triplicates!

Series XII

Come And Play


The Dwarfers search for some tech to fix Starbug's faulty steering. They come across a Scientific Research Centre where several figures from history are recreated in the present and 'cured' of evil. Or are they?

Classic Moment:

Dave Lister. Adolf Hitler. Two guitars. The Happy Wanderer. Insta-classic!


The Dwarfers are arrested by the Mechanoid Intergalactic Liberation Front. Lister, Cat and Rimmer are uploaded into Mechanic bodies and forced into servitude while Kryten is given a new life of pampering and luxury.

Classic Moment:

Kryten participates in a self-help group for oppressed mechs.


A ship from the 23rd century is washed up from the past and the Dwarfers run into a crew where criticism is illegal. How will Rimmer cope?

Classic Moment:

The crew encounter a pedantic "Crit-Cop" (Johnny Vegas).


When all the machines onboard Red Dwarf go on strike a Presidential election is held between Rimmer and Kryten to look after their rights.

Classic Moment:

After nearly two decades in the garbage hold, Talkie Toaster (David Ross) returns to vex Lister - and swing the election.


When the Dwarfers upload the latest software update they discover the Jupiter Mining Corporation, owners of Red Dwarf, have been bought by M Corp - a company that only allows products made by them to be visible to their employees.

Classic Moment:

His memories rebooted to three decades ago, Lister winds Rimmer up with a familiar tune...


Rimmer gets hold of a Quantum skipper and skips his way across the multi-verse looking for a dimension where he's not such a giant loser.

Classic Moment:

Rimmer lands on a pre-accident Red Dwarf - and a certain computer's reappearance brings the house down...

Find all of these episodes on UKTV Play now! And check out our Watch section to see the other ways to watch Red Dwarf on TV and on demand...

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