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24 August, 2018

If you tend to just pop in to reddwarf.co.uk for your weekly news fix about the show and the cast, it can be easy to miss the wealth of content we've got stashed around the place - nearly two decades' worth of material all about the Red Dwarf universe just waiting for you to explore.

So we thought we'd give you a handy reminder - not to mention an easy-to-browse guide - of some of the best (and most in-depth geeky things) you can find if you root around in our cavernous cargo bay...

The Complete Guide

Hidden Gems

We've gone on about this a bit recently, as we've been giving the episode-by-episode detail pages something of an overhaul. But with those episode capsules combined with huge and in-depth features about the making of each series, our Complete Guide really is the most comprehensive collection of Red Dwarf information you could hope to find. From BBC video catalogue numbers to the vagaries of costume design, you'll find it all here - along with plenty of otherwise rare behind-the-scenes pictures, to boot!

Space Corps Database

For something a bit more light-hearted, meanwhile, why not check out our Wikipedia-esque guide to the characters, life-forms, ships and - er - diseases that exist in Red Dwarf's ever-sprawling universe? Just don't take anything Captain Hollister has to say on the matter too seriously...

DVD Features

The Red Dwarf DVD releases were a hugely exciting period of activity that almost made us forget that there weren't any new episodes of the show being made for a decade. Here on reddwarf.co.uk we went into painstaking detail with exclusive behind-the-scenes access as the sets were conceived and put together. Bonus material about bonus material: even Doctor Who doesn't give you that.

Series In-Depth

We like to take a more studious look at Red Dwarf from time to time - and in this series of features we've explored the deeper context of development of each series of the show from a few-years-removed perspective.

These are just one of a number of different series of articles in our Features section, where we've also gone deep on such subjects as the Red Dwarf novels and other tie-in books, the Smegazine comic, the history of design in the show, the opening titles sequences, and a lot more besides.

Merchandise Database

Hidden Gems

Tick off your collection and fill in the gaps, with our comprehensive record of every single book and disc release (across multiple international territories) whether still in print or out. Where we can, we've even given you links for where you can find copies to buy. Have you got all three Estonian editions of the novels yet?


If someone's been in Red Dwarf, then chances are Mr Flibble has tracked them down for a chat - along with a hefty number of behind-the-scenes folk, too. You won't find a wider-ranging Red Dwarf interview database anywhere, and these pages are the source of many of the facts and anecdotes fandom now takes for granted about the show.

Games and Quizzes

You could happily lose a day trying your hand at every one of our fiendish 20-question quizzes - and if you score over 16 in either of the Smegging Difficult Screenshot Quizzes, then you're hardcore. And when you're done with those, why not try your hand at Geek Chase - the epic online egg-hunting AR game originally created to tie in with Beat the Geek? Even when you know all the answers it's still insanely difficult...

The Gallery

Not just a lovely set of publicity stills from every series (although it is that) and a wide range of downloadable wallpapers for your computer or phone (it's that too). But also the home of a selection of limited edition galleries, including concept art, DVD cover backdrops, and classic behind-the-scenes shots.

Prelude to Nanarchy

Hidden Gems

Exclusive story content, you say? Well, how about this: co-written by script editor Andrew Ellard, a comic strip story produced for reddwarf.co.uk that fills in the continuity gap between Series V and VI (and, as its title would imply, the end of VII).

Watch Guide

An easy feature to take for granted, but if you want to know if Red Dwarf is showing on telly near you any time soon, an incredibly handy one: click here and you'll see handy automated listings (when applicable/showing) for the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. Did you know, for example, that there are some repeats on Dave this Saturday night (25th)? Well, you do now!

This section is also where you'll find the most up-to-date listing of on-demand platforms for the show, with links to the series on each service.

Social Media

If you've done enough reading about Red Dwarf, why not come and chat with us about it? Follow us on Twitter (@RedDwarfHQ) and Facebook (officialreddwarf) to get all the latest updates, plus facts, memes, retweets and discussions with your fellow fans. And of course there's the ever trusty Chat Forum, open for all your questions, continuity theories and "which is your favourite series?" arguments.

Phew. And that's not even everything we've got to offer - so have a click around (you might find the Holly Hop Drive/Random Article button to your right useful at this point), and gorge yourself on Red Dwarf goodness. And come back each week for more!

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