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31 August, 2018

With the next Dimension Jump convention just around the corner, not to mention the general air of celebration around Red Dwarf's thirtieth anniversary, it's a good time to be seen out and about as a loud and proud Dwarfer. But if your Red Dwarf-themed wardrobe is still stuck in the early '90s and needs freshening up, then where should you start? Well, thanks to the Official Red Dwarf Shop, we've got you sorted - so read on for our guide to what the well-dressed Dwarfer is wearing this season...

The Lister Impersonator

Well Dressed

Dig out your least curry-stained trousers and pair them up with one of our brilliant recreations of designs worn in the show by Lister himself: the classic red London Jets design (seen as recently as Series XII's M-Corp) as well as a fantastic Kryten-homaging Mugs Murphy shirt. Perfect for going on the pull, just leave the moon boots at home.

Buy London Jets T-Shirt
Buy Mugs Murphy T-Shirt

The Kryten Impersonator

Well Dressed

If Siliconia showed us anything, it's just how much peace you can attain living life as a droid. So why not give it a try and dress up as Kryten with this fantastic long-sleeved tee? Please note: reddwarf.co.uk takes no responsibility for anything you may do to the shape of your head to further achieve the desired result.

Buy Kryten Costume Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The Mechanic

Well Dressed

In case you don't want to leave the house without vitally important details of JMC ships and service droids behind, why not wear them on your chest? Okay, so it's only the front cover, but you'll still get the general gist. Available for Starbug, Red Dwarf and even the Skutters.

Buy Skutter Manual T-Shirt
Buy Starbug Manual T-Shirt
Buy Red Dwarf Manual T-Shirt

The Traditionalist

Well Dressed

If you actually quite like the idea of keeping your Red Dwarf wardrobe fixed in the '90s but your old shirts are getting a bit tatty, then we've got the perfect shirt for you: a reissue of the classic Smoke Me A Kipper design, in the trademark style of black base, character shot, logo and slogan. Perfect to be seen in at any convention.

Buy Classic "Smoke Me A Kipper" T-Shirt

The Traditionalist (With A Modern Twist)

Well Dressed

Of course, you could show that you're a vintage (we won't say old) Dwarfer who still keeps up to date with modern trends, by buying the Four Krytens shirt that takes the design principle of classic 1990s Dwarf tees but applies it to the instantly iconic shot from the most recent series.

Buy 4 Krytens T-Shirt

The No Longer Insane

Well Dressed

No matter what anyone says, you've got the certificate to prove it with this Give & Take inspired design. No, don't ask what it's written in.

Buy No Longer Insane T-Shirt

The Drinker

Well Dressed

Leopard Lager. It's not a bad drop, you know. But if you didn't manage to snaffle a bottle during last year's Series XII promotion, you can still show your dedication to the JMC's favourite beer with this brilliant design. Also available as a bottle opener!

Buy Leopard Lager T-Shirt
Buy Leopard Lager Bottle Opener Keyring

The One Who Gets Really Excited About Christmas Really Early

Well Dressed

Sure, we're only just heading into September, but have you seen how cold it's been getting? Pretty soon you'll be running around the shops trying to find the last tin of Quality Street, a working set of fairly light bulbs and a satsuma for the bottom of the stocking. Best to get your festive clothing sorted out nice and early, and that of course means getting hold of a Red Dwarf Christmas Jumper.

Buy Red Dwarf XI Christmas Sweatshirt

The One Who Needs To Be Seen In The Dark

Well Dressed

Glow-in-the-dark t-shirts! They're an incredibly handy thing when you think about it, particularly with Halloween looming. And as well as making sure you won't be entirely invisible with the lights off, this one's a handy bit of promotional material for Twentica's Lady Be Good Club. Well, you wouldn't want to see all those poor scientists go out of business, would you?

Buy Lady Be Good Club T-Shirt

The Captain B...

Well Dressed

You're smart. You're sophisticated. You're officer class. This sharp black polo shirt, then, is the one for you. Just try not to notice that it only has two technician's stars on it, or that the nameplate was inadvertently printed using the name filed in Kryten's databanks. And maybe don't wear it round your granny's house.

Buy Captain Bollocks Polo Shirt

There's plenty more to check out in the shop - and if you're wondering about some of the items that are currently listed as out of stock, we're assured that they'll be getting topped up soon!

Browse everything on sale in the Red Dwarf Shop now!

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