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Kerry’s New Job

9 February, 2018

Red Dwarf producer moves on up to UKTV - plus some other recent alumni successes!

Back To Back Winners

2 February, 2018

Red Dwarf scoops British Comedy award for second year in a row!


2 February, 2018

BBC's quiz classic features Red Dwarf once again.

Getting Quizzical

26 January, 2018

Test your Series XII knowledge!

Give Us Your Votes

19 January, 2018

Red Dwarf XII through to Comedy Awards shortlist!

Dwarf On Demand

12 January, 2018

How to view Red Dwarf digitally - updated for 2018!

Awards Season

5 January, 2018

British Comedy Guide Awards longlist now open.

ABC, Easy As Comedy

29 December, 2017

Red Dwarf XII lands in Australia!

January Paradise

29 December, 2017

Danny's back in the hit BBC1 drama.

2017 - The Year In Dwarf

22 December, 2017

Looking back over the last XII months.

First Past The Posters

15 December, 2017

Design competition winners announced!

The Good Gift Guide

8 December, 2017

Put Red Dwarf in someone's stocking this year!

Funk And Soul Five

1 December, 2017

Craig's new compilation album out in time for Christmas!

Reviews Roundup

24 November, 2017

Critics and viewers have their say on the second half of Red Dwarf XII.

Bonus Package

17 November, 2017

Find out what's on the Red Dwarf XII home release!

Twelve’s Game

17 November, 2017

Play Red Dwarf XII on iOS and Android - completely free!

Date With A DVD

10 November, 2017

Red Dwarf XII out on shiny disc very soon!

Twelve Rated

3 November, 2017

Plenty of reviews, and viewing figure news!

Let’s Go Shopping

27 October, 2017

Get your Red Dwarf XII merch now!

Series Pass

20 October, 2017

Get Red Dwarf XII digitally delivered!