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Dimension(s) Jump

18 November, 2016

LEGO® Dimensions gets a Red Dwarf update!

Howard Knows The Score

11 November, 2016

The Red Dwarf soundtrack albums are here!

RDXI At Home

11 November, 2016

Red Dwarf XI DVD and Blu-ray hit the US and UK!

Eleven’s Extras

4 November, 2016

The Red Dwarf XI DVD/Blu-Ray/digital bonus package!

Merch Update

28 October, 2016

Orders on the way from the official shop.

Vo-Coded Message

28 October, 2016

Howard Goodall's secret theme tune vocals discovered!

Let’s Play

21 October, 2016

Have you checked out the Red Dwarf XI game yet?

Cover Story

14 October, 2016

Series XI's DVD packaging revealed!

Reviews Roundup

14 October, 2016

Give & Take and Officer Rimmer get rave writeups.

Points Of View

7 October, 2016

Fans have their say on Red Dwarf XI.

Shedding Some Light

7 October, 2016

Red Dwarf's past comments on its future.

Topping The Charts

7 October, 2016

Consolidated viewing figures for Twentica.

Dwarf On Disc

30 September, 2016

Series XI home release date confirmed - and the US, too!

Samsara Rated

30 September, 2016

More Red Dwarf XI raves keep coming in.

Season Pass

30 September, 2016

Get your Red Dwarf XI downloads here!

Play The Game

23 September, 2016

Get the Red Dwarf XI mobile game!


22 September, 2016

Series XI lands on Dave!

A New Beginning

15 September, 2016

Red Dwarf XI is here!

S-F-X You Know I Want It

15 September, 2016

New magazine covers - and special edition supplement!

New Merchandise Launch

9 September, 2016

Plus a Red Dwarf XI mobile game!