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Red Dwarf's on-board computer, and the inventor of the new decimal sound 'Hol Rock'. Despite an original Operational IQ of 6000, Holly had always been quirky - during the astro-navigation exam Holly instigated urine testing in case any urine attempted to cheat - but he is now a fully-fledged sufferer from computer senility.


During the three-million years he spent alone in space, Holly read every book ever written by anyone ever (the worst of which was Kevin Keegan's Football - It's a Funny Old Game). He also managed to create a comprehensive - nay, definitive - map of the universe, complete with post offices and little steeples.

Holly's first love was a Sinclair ZX81, but she was cheap, stupid and she wouldn't load - not for him, anyway. He later fell for Hilly, his female self from a parallel universe whom he encountered when he invented the Holly Hop Drive. Indeed, he fell so badly that he chose to take on her face in a head sex-change operation. (This would remain until the nanobots restored his core program.)

The female Holly did have her intelligence restored via intelligence compression, but this reduced her operation life-span to less than four minutes. (Thankfully this entire event was erased from history when Lister blocked up a time-spewing white hole.) Holly is also able to appear on a wrist-watch, although he has become wary of people who scratch their armpits or who have holes in their pockets.


Holly spent much time hidden inside Red Dwarf's computer banks in an attempt to avoid detection by his nanobotically-revived, hyper-intelligent counterpart. Nevertheless, he continued to help Lister, Rimmer and the rest as best he can while they are in prison - he believed Lister could shorten his term by becoming a dog, thus making each year of his sentence seven times shorter.

Many years later, Holly's mainframe was destroyed - perhaps permanently - by a flash flood. Apparently Lister left a bath running for the best part of a decade.

Operational notes: Go easy on the Android home brew, it leaves you with a rotten hangover come morning.