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Rimmer, Howard

Captain Norman's Comments (taken from the databanks of the Columbus 3)
The second-youngest of four brothers - the others being John, Frank and Arnold. While John and Frank are high-fliers in the Space Corps Super Infinity Fleet, Howard, like his younger brother Arnold, has never progressed past the rank of Second Technician. His sickening cowardice is probably his greatest weakness. Following his death in an unfortunate chicken soup nozzle incident, his status as the highest-ranked deceased crew member aboard the Columbus 3 (note: he is also the only deceased crew member aboard ship) has led to his being resurrected as a hard-light hologram. At least, that is, until somebody more important snuffs it.

Rimmer, Howard

Additional notes from the Red Dwarf on-board JMC computer:

In view of Howard Rimmer's heroic death, saving both crew and ship, we feel it only fitting that he is awarded the Platinum Star of Fortitude. We also feel it is entirely appropriate that Red Dwarf be renamed the "SS Howard Rimmer".