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Red Dwarf

Following reconstruction by the nanobots, Red Dwarf reverted to its pre-cut-backs state, which included a quark-level matter/anti-matter generator and a karaoke bar. They also rebuilt the top secret prison facility on floor 13.

Transcribed from the original Red Dwarf JMC publicity video, hosted by Bing Baxter

Owned by the Jupiter Mining Corporation and crewed by the Space Corps, Red Dwarf is fully five miles long - that's five miles long!

Red Dwarf

See this? This is the 'scoop,' it sucks hydrogen from the currents of space and converts it into fuel. But I don't need to blind you with science, this baby sells itself. Sure it has a small moon imbedded on its underside, but hey, it just adds character!

The ship also features a fully operational metro system - running both inside and outside the ship - and has the provisional power to generate one hologramatical human, right back from the dead!

This ship features a full compliment of accommodation for its 1,169 crew members - twin bunks or twin singles for the majority of the crew, and look at this - the captain's quarters features a double bed! Mmn, naughty...

Officers' quarters are naturally far superior to the technicians' - there's no need for the achievers to slum it! But we also have the very best in leisure facilities - bars, restaurants, night-clubs and cinemas. If it's a just snack you're after, try any one of these cheery dispensing machines, or drop in to the refectory any time!

Red Dwarf

As well as teaching and exam rooms for the officer looking to better himself, the well-stocked medical unit comes complete with quarantine facilities - perfect for those tricky contagious diseases! There's even an observation deck for those who want to get a little closer to space. Whoops - be careful near that Plexiglas!

The difficulties of travelling through deep space are amply provisioned as well - Red Dwarf features a main drive room, a scanning room, cargo and storage decks, diesel decks, a photo lab plus various docking bays and a network of supply pipes and ductways.

So what are you waiting for? This is the next generation of mining craft - get one in orbit today!