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Transcript from Channel 27's 'Watchdog: Shuttlecraft Special'

JMC Representative: You're not letting me get a word in edgeways!

Presenter: Then answer the question! Your Starbug has major design flaws. Doesn't it?

JMCR: I don't think that's entirely fair...

P: As a class two ship-to-service vessel, it's entirely second class.


JMCR: The Starbug is equipped for underwater salvaging, marshy conditions and features dozens of ore sample pods...

P: Which, as I understand it, a lot of your customers have had to use as escape pods because you haven't bothered to supply any. Not very safety conscious...

JMCR: But its not a problem when the ship is so durable.

P: We have dozens of reports that suggest that Starbugs crash more often that your average ZX81.

JMCR: But they always bounce back!

P: We've also latterly discovered that the ship is a huge waste of space.

JMCR: What?!

P: Despite its original design - tiny cockpit and midsection - Starbug actually contains enough space for a medical suite, a galley, sleeping quarters and four-man piloting.

JMCR: Customers are welcome to modify their purchases, as long as they are aware that it will invalidate their warranty. Some clients have seen fit to upgrade with laser cannons, for example - although we don't endorse that.

P: In fact we have heard that the correct dimensional anomalies can open the ship out even further. What's that about?

JMCR: Now you're just talking science fiction.

P: Finally, as a representative of the Jupiter Mining Corporation, can you tell us if there will be a recall?

JMCR: Not at this time. However we have set up a hotline for customers who do not feel fully satisfied. They can mail their Starbug back to us and we will offer a full refund...