Name: Ech-ech-ech-ech-ech-ech-ech-ech Ech-ech-ech-ech-ech-ech-ech-ech
Occupation: Chief's daughter (Public appearances, having face on money, excessive waving, political marriages, etc.)
Date: 27 June, 2003

Name: Nirvanah Crane Nirvanah Crane
Occupation: Commander aboard holoship
Date: 27 June, 2003

Name: Princess Bonjella Princess Bonjella
Occupation: Damsel (in distress when required)
Date: 27 June, 2003

Name: The Inquisitor The Inquisitor
Occupation: Judge of Worth
Date: 2 May, 2003

Name: Queeg Queeg
Occupation: Red Dwarf Back-up Computer
Date: 7 March, 2003

Name: Arlene Judith Rimmer Arlene Judith Rimmer
Occupation: Second Technician, Parallel-Universe Red Dwarf
Date: 31 January, 2003

Name: Able Able
Occupation: Ummm...
Date: 20 December, 2002

Name: Frank Hollister Frank Hollister
Occupation: Red Dwarf's Captain
Date: 22 November, 2002

Name: Paranoia Paranoia
Occupation: Hating Lister
Date: 25 October, 2002

Name: Confidence Confidence
Occupation: Thinking everything Lister does is amazing
Date: 27 September, 2002