Mr Flibble Talks To... Talking Trading
With Red Dwarf trading cards on the way, Mr Flibble gets chatty with Gwyneth Glascodine - Futera's head of development and the only woman to take scissors to the penguin himself...
1 December, 2001
Gwyneth Glascodine
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

Firstly, can we get a bit of your career history...

Before Futera, I was a Compliance Officer & Director of a Financial Services company. Serious stuff! I had my own column in a 'Financial Times' business publication and wrote brilliantly clever articles, but with tongue in cheek titles like 'Where are Britain's Top 50 Most Eligible Bachelors?' showing male model centrefolds - not, I guess, very 'FT' at all! However, it seemed to get the message across and I received some very interesting fan mail.

So how did you end up at Futera?

I didn't mean to!! I started with Futera in a Business Consultancy role establishing distribution for mass market retail products. At first I worked one day a week at Futera, then two, then... five! I'm addicted to seeking out opportunity, rising to challenge and have a pathological determination when it comes to seeing something I want, grabbing it by the neck and not letting go. I'm told the only difference between me and a Rottweiler is that you can reason with a Rottweiler.

So as my interest in, and understanding of the trading card business grew, I more or less refused to 'go home' until I had tackled the marketing & sales functions, developed my knowledge of licensing, and tried my hand at designing the collections!