Mr Flibble Talks To... Headless Wonder
With the new-look Red Dwarf in 1989 came a new Holly. Hattie Hayridge won millions of fans as the ditsy computer whose hair, at one point, was described as being far too long for a computer. Mr Flibble asks, how long should a computer's hair be anyway?
6 April, 2001
Hattie Hayridge
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

I think all the fans saw you in Jonathan Creek as a magician who does tricks with bananas...

Yeah, They completely cleaned Clapham Junction Asda out of bananas. They shot it on film, and it was the first time I'd done film - one camera for all the different directions. They wanted loads of arty shots of the bananas and through the bananas. And of course they got hot under the lights, so they'd all just wilt and fall on the floor.

In the end they were stapling bananas together, because they were all in bunches of eight, and there's a limit to the bunches of eight there are in the supermarket that look the same. 'This one's not quite mottled in the right places...' So in the end they were getting bananas that looked right and gaffer-taping them together. (Laughs)

The character got to yell from an audience later on...

Oh, I liked that very much. That was good. The first time they did it in rehearsal, the blokes playing the security guards just sort of beckoned me. I said, 'No no, I'm not coming unless you grab me.' They grabbed me, and I went, 'No, I'm got going to come unless you really grab me!' So in the end they did - and I had all these finger-mark bruises around my arms the next day. (Laughs)