Mr Flibble Talks To... Howard Goodall's Flibble Works
He's the man responsible for some of the catchiest TV theme tunes ever, and now the movies are beckoning. Mr Flibble whips out his organ and displays it for Red Dwarf's musical maestro.
2 February, 2001
Howard Goodall
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

How did you get involved in music for comedy?

I met Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis on my first day at university, at the fresher's fair, and got involved writing the music for a review they did in the student theatre. It just went from there.

Three years later I left university and they got involved with Not the Nine O'clock News and I got pulled into that. I was performing in Rowan's stage show around the world. I suppose it led on from there. And having done Not the Nine O'clock News I'd sort of 'set out my stall' in that area. One thing led to another.

There were other musicians on that show - Phillip Pope for one...

Yes he did come in later on. My job was to write the songs for the end of each episode. Phil Pope did some stuff, and Peter Brewis wrote a couple of the songs. But most of the songs that people would remember - I Like Trucking, Nice Video Shame About the Song, Headbangers, Super Duper - were all mine.

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