Mr Flibble Talks To... Penguin Books
The last time Mr Flibble met Robert Llewellyn, the Flibmeister was blasting at him with his hex-vision. This time Robert does not fear for his safety as Mr Flibble discusses Robert's best-selling novels, on-line experiments and his experiences with crooked therapists.
12 January, 2001
Robert Llewellyn - No. 1
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard

What happened to the prison sit-com you were going to do with Craig Charles?

He hasn't rung me back! (Laughs) He hasn't answered my calls! 'Nothing new there, then, Bob.' It was an idea we talked about when we were doing Red Dwarf VII. We talked about this idea of doing a sit-com called Museli which was an up-market Porridge. I was a posh banker who'd embezzled millions of pounds, and he was a failed post office robber. I got 6 months for embezzling £44 million and he got 40 years for trying to steal 100 quid from a post office and failing.

We were sharing a dormitory, because it was a open prison. Nigel Planer was going to be the governor who felt very guilty that he had people locked up. He wanted to give them keys so that they could feel that they could express themselves. There was lots of sitting around with cushions. Then we did Red Dwarf VIII where we were all in prison.

We'd written quite a lot of scripts and we'd talked to lots of people. We had a few lunches courtesy of that idea, but nothing else.

We've talked about making the whole thing like it was filmed on security cameras. So we'll find somewhere with lots of corridors - you'll only ever see the backs of our heads and it's all in black and white. We'll broadcast it on the internet as an ultra-cheap sit-com. We'd have good audio, but really dull pictures...