Mr Flibble Talks To... Married With Gelfs
Mr Flibble gets furry with Steven Wickham - Dave Lister's GELF bride.
20 June, 2003
Steven Wickham
Mr Flibble's right hand provided by
Andrew Ellard
Steven Wickham's Top Ten Nice People I've Worked With
1 Michael Jayston
2 Denis Lill
3 Alec Baldwin
4 Brenda Blethyn
5 Christopher Timothy
6 Jon Pertwee
7 Susannah Harker
8 Barbara Flynn
9 David Ross
10 The Red Dwarf Crew
Steven Wickham's Top Ten Reasons For Marrying Dave Lister
1 A cute nose
2 A winning smile
3 His manly physique
4 The over-riding odour of curry
5 His strong sartorial sense
6 His being hugely endowed... with charm
7 Light as a feather
8 An Excellent and experienced kisser... with tongue
9 Knows how to treat a lady
10 A lover of opera and a keen student of Kant and Wittgenstein, as well as being an expert of the works of Gilbert and Sullivan
Steven Wickham's Top Ten Songs For A Gelf Bride
1 Minging in the Rain
2 Wart Now My Love
3 The Sound of Mucus
4 Express Yourself
5 I've Got A Brand New Oxy-Generation Unit
6 Akhakhakh The Knife
7 Fat Bottomed Gelfs
8 Day Trip to Bang 'Er
9 Hairy Christmas Everybody
10 SupersmellysmudgemylipstickLister'sbumsatro-cious