Dimension Jump XIV

Friday Night

"Sorry we're late starting," announced Club chairman James from beneath his stetson. "I'm on Central Western Time."

It makes sense when we explain that there was a distinct Gunmen of the Apocalypse theme to Dimension Jump this year. From the decoration and the logo to the team's opening night costumes (a tradition that goes so far back that we're no longer sure who to blame), everybody done gone a little bit cowboy.

Rory's Trading Post

With the team introduced ("Behind the computer is my son Neil. Don't buy him a drink - not after what happened last year.") we moved onto the team-based quiz Smeggy Addicts.

After an easy start there came the picture rounds. As host Liam explained, "Anyone who was here last year might remember it. In fact, you'll have an advantage, cos it's exactly the same."

Smeggy Addicts

Things became more taxing, however, as the final rounds arrived. "Rimmer was sentenced with 167 counts of murder, with eight years for each murder. How many years was Rimmer supposed to be imprisoned?...And I don't think I've ever seen so many mobile phones come out at once!"

It's a trick question, though. Taking the number directly from the show reveals that Grant and Naylor are better writers than mathematicians...

Friday Night Auction

Then came the first of several auctions - props, costumes, books, T-shirts, trading cards, test DVDs and more all going under the hammer. Human dignity was also being sold off, but only at the disco the following night.

In the merchandise room, meanwhile, the scene was set for the new Red Dwarf Calendar and its numerous cousins the canvas blocks and framed prints. Seeing these things in person just brought home how utterly gorgeous they are, and orders were soon flooding in.

Red Dwarf 2008 CalendarRed Dwarf Prints

So, with Mac McDonald's (alleged) trousers flogged off - modelled by svelte twin Jenny, thus looking for all the world like an advert for weight loss - and the winners of the quiz announced (somehow seeing five teams placed in the top three, how does that happen?!) we went to bed in readiness for Saturday.