Dimension Jump XXI

by Curtis Threadgold

Appreciation and Credits

A huge thank you to everyone that made Dimension Jump XXI happen, including the team at The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club, all the guests, the hotel staff and the attendees. This was a truly astonishing weekend, and we hope we can do this again.

The Fan Club Team are: James Bull, Joey Newsome, Shelley Smith, Alex Newsome, Jez Harrison, Andy Holland, Ashley Woolston, Dan 'Pendo' Pendleton, Kerry King-Neale, Prue Mosman and Mick Hayes.

The Fan Club's team of wonderful volunteers for the weekend were: Lucy Ball, Claire Brannen, Mike Kell, Melissa Harrison, Helen Bull, Neil Bull, Rachel Andrews, Tim Shaw, Stephen Fletcher, Gwyneth Griffiths, Wayne Jennings and Gail Jennings.

The guests were: Danny John-Jules, Hattie Hayridge, Norman Lovett, Lee Cornes, Ray Fearon, Rob Grant, Paul Jackson, Ian Boldsworth, Matthew Clark, Johnny Vegas, Chris Barrie and Robert Llewellyn.

The Fan Club would like to thank: Doug Naylor, Rob Grant, Paul Jackson, Ed Bye, Linda Glover, Richard Naylor, Curtis Threadgold, Grant Naylor Productions, Matthew Clark, Darren Ord, Joanna Sharples, Danny Stephenson, James Clusky, Charlotte Booth at First-4venues Ltd, Jemstone Events, and the Crowne Plaza Nottingham.

But of course, the most important thing is what you guys thought of the show. Here's a selection of some of our favourite tweets: