Dimension Jump 2K

DJ Auction

There was a huge response to the items at this year's auction - and no wonder, given what was on offer! Props, and even a costume, from series VIII went up, and were bravely fought for.

Causing an awesome flurry of activity, a genuine series VIII Second Technician's uniform was bid up to an awesome £860! Signed pictures, prototype merchandise, a complete collection of Smegazines were all rapidly released to their hungry public, before the big boys came out.

Rimmer's diary CD as seen in Back in the Red snatched a cool £465, and Krytie TV's ratings proved to be healthy as a prop flyer for the station - and a collection of the prop money it accumulated - went for £250. Meanwhile, the Have A Fantastic Period banner used in Only the Good... took in £200, as did a scan of the Cat's body from Back in the Red.

Lucky Red Dwarf fans also picked up leopard lager and cola cans, Lister's Starstruck magazine, a chocky nut bar, and a file from Hollister's office. Or maybe just one person bought the lot and is slowly attempting to make their own, rival version of the show. Only time will tell...