Dimension Jump 2K

Saturday's Q&A Sessions

Kick-starting Saturday morning with a story about being attacked by Rhinos, Mac McDonald fielded questions from all across the floor - deliberately. Mac made it his mission to run the man with the mike ragged as he lurched from one question-poser to another as Mac requested whichever hand was farthest away.

"Which would I chose," Mac considered. "Starring in a movie which pays twice as much, or starring in the Red Dwarf film?" The pause was monumental, the answer obvious: "That's easy, the Red Dwarf film!"

Were there any scenes that Mac appeared in that were cut? "There was one where I had to leap canyons filled with fire and pus..." And what film role would he have liked to have played? "Tarzan." And is Mac his real name? Apparently not. The truth? "Terry".

As is rapidly becoming traditional during the DJ question and answer sessions, Mac's mobile telephone rang. Picking it up, the man was as calm as a mistyped clam: "Hello?" Pause. "Oh, nothin' much." Whoever was on the other end of the phone (he said "I love you" to them, which may narrow it down) must have thought they had major interference as applause crackled across the room.

Following the preview of reddwarf.co.uk - which if you're here, you've now seen too! - Hattie Hayridge began her session with an apology about the guest who should have been joining her on stage, Danny John-Jules. "This is totally unprecedented, but... Danny is late. I reckon he's still in bed."

Having demonstrated an impressively deep voice, and a curious Norman Lovett impersonation, Hattie was asked if the Red Dwarf cast were straight-faced and professional when acting. "Professional?" Hattie asked. "Have you seen them?"

"Do you have children, and do they watch Red Dwarf?" Came the question. "No," Hattie eventually replied, "I don't have children, and yes they do watch Red Dwarf."

Having offered her advice to aspiring stand-up comics ("Sod off. Don't steal my jobs"), Hattie was finally joined by the Cat's slightly less punctual alter-ego. "Does anyone know who this bloke is?" she asked, as Danny slumped onto the sofa. "Here you go, here's 10p for a cup of tea."

As it turns out, Hattie and Danny greeted one another with anything but animosity - a kiss which involved severe balance problems and at least one raised and wrapped-around leg!

Having been interrupted by Danny's mobile - which played 'The Entertainer' as its ring-tone, naturally - Robert Llewellyn bounded onto the stage to field questions. The best news being that Robert has yet more novels in progress. How the man gets time to eat or sleep is anybody's guess.

N.B. Danny's interruption count was an impressive three out of three. Having arrived late during Hattie's Q&A and had his phone ring during his own, Robert's own time in the spotlight was momentarily halted by yet another DJ tradition - the arrival of Danny's steak sandwich on stage.