Back to Earth: Episode Three

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by Andrew, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. Andrew

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    Aug 6, 2001
    So you don't mean 'our reality' so much as 'our time', since we'd always assumed Dwarf was taking place in 'the future' rather than any fundamentally different universe. When they came back to a reverse 1993 Earth in Backwards that was, more or less, 'our' world. Just running in reverse.
  2. steven87gill

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    Yes, to be honest i'd never really thought about it before, but i assumed storyline wise it simply took place in another reality seperate from ours. The clever viral campaign and especially the teaser ads on Dave i thought hinted that.

    It was quoted on here the other day but From Craig Charles himself "In an infinite universe anything that can happen will happen. That means that Dave Lister is out there somewhere".:shock:

    That's such a weird, mind bending thought
  3. foxhound1

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    May 17, 2009
    i think the first 2 series where the best
  4. Dr_Smeghead_phd

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    Ok new to this forum and not had time to read this whole thread and this may have been said before but...

    Why just find Craig Charles on Corrie?

    As a struggling comedy writer myself I feel that there may have a wealth of material to be found in the rest of the cast's "Real World" exploits.

    Maybe the Cat being horrified by working in Kids TV

    Kryten sympathising (Not sure if that's spelt right, had a few beers) with the "droids" Bobby Llewellyn encourages the destruction (did I mention I am also dyslexic?) of on "Scrapheap"

    Rimmer finding a great connection with Chris Barrie but claiming moral high ground over "A Prince Among Men" (Was that what it was called? Am I really the only person who remembers this?).

    Obviously I'm not saying ALL of the scenarious could be used, time/plot constraints etc... but I cazn't help feeling that the Coronation Street stuff was an easy target. As a Corrie fan myself (and a Northener) I love that one of the actors from my favourite sitcom ever is also in my favourite soap, but I feel that it would be a little too obvious. I'll admit the scenrios I described aboved were written off the cuff, all I had before I started writing this was an opinion, now it's turned into ideas. (And my favourite is the Kryten one).

    What does anyone else think?
  5. Mardroid

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    Mar 15, 2004
    I think time was a major issue as you said. As it is, it still feels a bit rushed in places.

    You have to take plot into account too though. They were looking for 'The Creator.' It seems likely one cast member would be enough to point them in the right direction, yes? Visiting Robert Llewellyn on scrapheap, etc, might have provided some laughs but it would wander away from the plot and into the realm of farce. Of course they could have visited one of the others instead, but then people could just as easily say 'what about Craig on Corrie?' I think choosing Craig Charles for their stepping stone to the creator makes the most sense being

    a) his work on Corrie is more well known in the public domain.*

    b) Most importantly, the story is centred on Lister and his emotional journey. Hence it makes sense that he meet the person connected to his character.

    *Although not mine. I don't watch soap operas much, I'm more likely to watch Chris Barrie on one of his massive or fast machines (oo-er) or one of Robert Llewllyn's programmes.
  6. Baxters_Hooch

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    Jun 17, 2009
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    It would have been fun to visit some of the other actors, but it would have slowed the story down too much I think.

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