Has The Cat become too Dumb?

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by talkie3000, Jun 11, 2017.

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    One of my gripes with the lately series is the portrayal of the cat in certain places where he has always had his dumb moments throughout the shows run but for the recent series he really did seem like a naive idiot in large doses

    I mean in the early series he had his dumb moments but i think often it was in small doses or sometimes it wasn't so much dumb it was just vanity, playful or lack of caring.

    There is definitely a contrast between the cat who cares about himself more then others to the cat who for example though that he needed and was willing to get his face beaten to get into the hospital in series 8 while the others happily faked it.

    It does kinda make me worried about bringing holly back purely because some of the jokes with The Cat in Series 11 i could see working for Holly just as well, in that kinda series 8 become a dog joke.
  2. PFMC84

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    Aug 30, 2010
    I find that Danny seems to be shouting/projecting a lot of his lines in XI and I imagine the same for XII as they were filmed back to back. Like the subtlety of the characters traits is lost in favour of shouting in a high pitched voice and that should be enough for people to find it "funny". In fact, other cast members are seemingly doing this too. I can't tell if it's overacting, something they've been directed to do or what...
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    I don't even understand why Cat's portrayed as so dumb. It seems so arbitrary. Cats are smart. In summer I leave the front door open with a security screen on a latch, and she jumps up and unlatches it. Takes her a few goes, but she knows what she's doing.

    I dislike Cat. It's not DJJ's fault, I just think the character is crap. The whole cats evolving story was a cool idea for one episode, but that's his only story. He's basically just been hanging around being dumb ever since, and there's no reason for him to be dumb. Oh, his other story is being a virgin. That gem crops up once a decade.
  4. RainbowGazelle

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    Oct 21, 2016
    I agree that he has been portrayed a little too stupidly in recent series. Can of Worms, especially, goes disastrously way over the top in terms of stupidity, when he thought the Polymorph's pipe was part of sex. He's stupid, but not that ridiculously so.
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    Cat and Kryten are the same character you know. Since we have never seen them in the same place at the same time. Except for nearly every episode.
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    Well, I'm just gonna say that the Cat is dumb. That is more or less his character. He does not have Lister's street smarts and common sense, Rimmer's brains and drive, or Kryten's reliability and resources. He is dumb.

    But! Red Dwarf, as a show, would be worse if he wasn't there, or if he were suddenly smart or a fierce warrior or something (see the clips of the *other* Red Dwarf USA pilot).

    Of course, this isn't an argument against Cat being too dumb, but really - is Cat too dumb? Really? His modus operandi is to play Lister's eternal sidekick, to basically be comedy relief wherever and whenever necessary. He has nothing else. He doesn't have any background like Lister, Rimmer, or even Kryten - just a blank canvas, and probably purposefully so. His character never develops, we never have any feelings of sympathy towards him. For me, that shouldn't change.
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    To me, Cat was at his weakest in Series VII. He wasn't any better in VIII, but he was pushed so far to the background I tend to forget he was even there. I think the over-focus on Cat's fashion jokes was a little much by VI, but the character was much sharper by that point. He was a integral part of the crew and clearly a good Starbug pilot. In VII he kind of shifts between his normal intelligence and being too stupid to live, and frankly in that series I never find him that entertaining. The character's best aspects are eclipsed by his weaker ones.

    Flash forward to Dave-era episodes like Trojan and he's responsible for some of the best jokes, none of which are the bog-standard fashion jokes you'd get in VII, VIII and the beginning of BtE. To me, with some exceptions, Cat is very much back on form in X and XI. I really appreciate them toning down the clothes jokes, and his dumb moments often feel more in line with self-centered obliviousness and lack of education like the older series. Not that there isn't any outright stupidity, but it's nowhere near what it was in the post-VI pre-X days. The worst it gets is in Can of Worms, and I think the jokes are still strong enough to make for it.

    Hell, I can see that Can of Worms is the most clumsily-plotted Dave era episode with Cat more exaggerated than I like him, but I still think it's all around more enjoyable and rewatchable than almost anything from Series VII or VIII. And I don't mean that as a burn, I actually like VII a lot more than most people seem to.
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