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  1. Jarvio

    Jarvio Second Technician

    Apr 26, 2003

    Sorry if a thread exists, but now that XII is over, let's do this.

    1 - M-Corp
    Yeah, gotta be my favourite of the Dave era. Just consistently great, good story, funny jokes, memorable, engaging, and good guest star.

    2 - Give And Take
    The mad medibot was classic dwarf. The story and sci-fi time-travel elements with Lister's organs were great.

    3 - Officer Rimmer
    That guy's face getting printed wrong was just genius. All those Rimmers being obnoxious was great. The weak link is the ending, but that doesn't stop it from ranking this high.

    4 - Skipper
    Fun episode, callbacks that work well. One for the fans, good Rimmer story.

    5 - Entangled
    The standout of series 10 for me.

    6 - Krysis
    The 'universe' stuff was very deep, and I liked that.

    7 - Fathers And Suns
    A strong episode, I like the computer character. The only weakness is the chinese whispers subplot.

    8 - Mechocracy
    It's all about Talkie Toaster.

    9 - The Beginning
    Good character development for Rimmer.

    10 - Twentica
    Interesting and memorable episode.

    11 - Lemons
    Initially not a favourite, but it stands out.

    12 - Siliconia
    Rimmer's emotional speech is a plus for me.

    13 - Can Of Worms
    At the time I thought it was ok, but it's not a memorable episode for me.

    14 - Samsara
    Not many laughs, but an interesting story.

    15 - Cured
    Hitler ruined it a bit. Otherwise, decent-ish.

    BIG GAP.

    16 - Timewave
    Way too OTT, and I hated the camp captain.

    17 - Trojan
    Boring IMO.

    18 - Dear Dave
    Even more boring.


    19-21 - BTE 3, 2, then 1
    All rubbish IMO.
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  2. DAN_JMC

    DAN_JMC Catering Officer

    Mar 7, 2009
    I would have to think about it and probably rewatch all the episodes before coming to a conclusion, but I can say I'd put Fathers and Suns, Skipper, Samsara, Give and Take all pretty high up and Lemons at the very bottom, the only truly dreadful RD episode from the Dave era. Siliconia would be next
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  3. Abe

    Abe Deck Sergeant

    Oct 6, 2016
    I will do this soon, but I'd like to point out that there's a reason we've got a spoiler policy and series labels in this conference.
  4. Jarvio

    Jarvio Second Technician

    Apr 26, 2003
    Oops sorry about that. I've added spoiler to the top of my post if that helps. Can @Seb please add SPOILERS to the thread title?
  5. BigOleDummy

    BigOleDummy Console Officer

    Sep 16, 2017
    Where you least expect
    Haven't seen Skipper yet, but will squeeze it in this list after watching it the 16th.

    1. Officer Rimmer - Just a Classic R.D. episode for me. Can stand with the best.

    2. M-Corp - Very good episode.

    3. Skipper - Another Classic in the making.

    4. Can of Worms - If for no other reason than "It still counts!" But there are plenty of other reasons.

    5. The Beginning - Outstanding episode.

    6. Krysis - An early favorite that's slipping for me, but not by much.

    7. Trojan - This one doesn't get much love but its way up there in my book. The interaction between Rimmer and Frank... The phone ......

    8. Samsara - I like it more each time I watch it after initially panning it. Probably the episode that's went up most in my opinion period.

    9. Timewave - Uneven but a very nice show.

    10. Mechocracy - Very good with some major flaws.

    11. Entangled - Good solid episode.

    12. Siliconia - Have a feeling it won't last this high but for now ;-)

    13. Lemons - a sorta ....bland story to me. Like it more or less each time I see it.

    14. B.T.E. 3 - Yeah, lol, I like it this much. If not a little higher sometimes actually.

    15. Dear Dave - One of those "Any Red Dwarf is better than no Red Dwarf" episodes.

    16. Twentica - Sorry everyone, I know the love out there for this one but I just can't see it. A few good lines but the Exponoids get all the laughs.

    17. Give and Take - I just don't like medically themed shows as a rule and this one was just too formulistic on top of that.

    18. Fathers and Suns - Probably higher than I really like it.

    19. B.T.E. 2 - Much better than part 1

    20. B.T.E. 1 - Potential there but suffers.

    21. Cured - One of my least favorite episodes period. If not my least favorite.

    Will stick in Skipper as soon as I can watch it. (edited to include)
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  6. The Cat

    The Cat Second Technician

    Oct 17, 2017
    Trying to eat Lister’s robotic fish
    I’ll have to rewatch the Dave era (planning to do a marathon of the whole thing anyway), but when I have, I’ll do mine!
    For me near the top would be Can of Worms, Mechocracy, Skipper, M-Corp, Give and Take, Samasara, The Beginning, Entangled, and Trojan...?

    The ones at the bottom would be Fathers and Suns, BTE (all three), Timewave, Krysis, Siliconia, Cured...?

    And this is why I have to rewatch to do this properly haha! Not like it’s a bad thing though, right!

    And I know it’s off topic, but I’m already getting into the Christmassy mood (yes, I know it’s too early), and I was just wondering what a Christmas episode of Red Dwarf would be like...
  7. Deep_Space_in_the_15th_Century

    Deep_Space_in_the_15th_Century Supply Officer

    Sep 23, 2016
    Deep Space in the 15th Century
    Best: Give & Take, The Beginning, Officer Rimmer, M-Corp, Mechocracy, Skipper
    Worst: Twentica, Samsara, Timewave, Lemons, Dear Dave, Can of Worms
  8. BigOleDummy

    BigOleDummy Console Officer

    Sep 16, 2017
    Where you least expect
    Have edited my above list to include Skipper. Placing it at #3 and dropping Entangled from 3 to 11. Which dropped #11 Siliconia to 12 and so dropping everyone else below one position.
  9. AJ Smegface

    AJ Smegface Second Technician

    Apr 18, 2011
    1st) Officer Rimmer: A classic episode of comedy in itself, let alone Red Dwarf.

    2nd) Skipper: A thoroughly fun episode throughout.

    3rd) Trojan: Will always be a favourite of mine because of the experience - Trojan feels like the first time I ever saw a proper Red Dwarf episode at the time of broadcast (Back to Earth... doesn't count!).

    4th) Give and Take: Again, top-notch.

    5th) Mechocracy: Red Dwarf doesn't have to be a constant adventure to be good, as this one proves.

    6th) Siliconia: May drop down after a few rewatches. Loved the episode but hated the ending.

    7th) Samsara: A great blend of comedy, mystery and a bit of romance here. Quite unique for Red Dwarf.

    8th) Entangled: An adventure, and a fun one at that.

    9th) Dear Dave: Very fond of this one. It's stripped back and, from what I'm aware, not part of the original plans for X, but it works for me.

    10th) The Beginning: I just wish the villains and the threat could have been more menacing than they ended up being.

    11th) Fathers and Suns: I really, really like this episode. Loved Lister's plot, loved Pree and her plot. This would be (a lot) higher, but the medibot and vending machines were too annoying imo.

    12th) Timewave: More so than Siliconia, I reckon this one will slip down my list. Ziggy and the repetitive jokes are likely to grate, but there were things I did enjoy though (namely the opening moments up until they hit the timewave, Johnny Vegas, and the closing sequence with the Rimmer Critic).

    13th) Can of Worms: I was going to put this and Krysis as joint 13th place since both of these episodes are gradually going up in my estimation the more I rewatch them, but this is more so the case with Can of Worms (Cat's weird personality change in the climax where he kills the Polymorphs still bugs me quite a deal, though).

    14th) Krysis: See above!

    15th) M-Corp: A good story, but I found the reduced comedic element in the second half of the episode pretty jarring. I think I'll like this one a lot more with a few rewatches.
    16th) Back to Earth: I appreciate this one deeply because without it, there'd be no X, XI or XII. But the tonal shift and metafictional element isn't my cup of tea. Seperately I'd rank them bottom of the list, but collectively the whole piece is alright.

    17th) Twentica: Harsh? I think the episode's a lot of fun, but I don't laugh at it as much as I'd like to (the ending with Kevin Eldon is a hoot, though). All the same, it is another one I enjoy with more rewatches.

    18th) Lemons: If ever there was an episode which doesn't feel like Red Dwarf, this might be the one.

    19th) Cured: Might improve with rewatches. Maybe. For what's it worth, of all the episodes in the Dave era, Lemons and Cured are the only ones which I would say sucked.
  10. naranja

    naranja Third Technician

    Nov 1, 2012
    Xi and xii are a lot better than what came before

    1 Mechoracy

    2 Samsara

    3 Officer Rimmer

    4 Skipper

    5 M Corp

    6 Give and Take

    7 The Beginning

    8 Fathers and Sons

    9 Siliconia

    10 Twentica

    11 Can of Worms

    12 Krysis

    13 Entangled

    14 Trojan

    15 Dear Dave

    16 Lemons

    17 Cured

    18 Timewave

    19 Bte

    Latest series started really badly
  11. naranja

    naranja Third Technician

    Nov 1, 2012

    1- Mechocracy. I must have rewatched this five times. It’s just really funny. Silly but funny, and I love stories that stay on the ship.

    2- Skipper. I’ve rewatched this a lot too. While I was watching it I remember thinking “this feels like classic red dwarf”.

    3- Officer Rimmer. Rimmer at his odious best. Superb episode but a shame about the abrupt ending.

    4- M Corp. Really clever concept and the invisible products gags all hit.

    5- The Beginning. The one episode from series x which truly felt like it could stack up to classic dwarf.

    6- Samsara. The more I have seen this one, the more I’ve liked it. The mineopoly scene and bunk scene after are highlights. Cat also is hilarious.

    7- Give and Take. Great locations, threatening villain, interesting timey wimey tale.

    8- Siliconia. Really enjoy this one now. Obviously the “everyone’s kryten” gimmick is part of the appeal but it’s funny too. A rather abrupt ending.

    9- Fathers And sons. The lister dad scenes are absolutely top notch. Shame about tawain Tony and the medibot. Pree is also really well portrayed.

    10- Twentica. Not that funny, aside from Einstein and Kevin Eldon but an enjoyable tale.

    11- Can of Worms. Seems to be a controversial one but I quite enjoy this one.

    12- Krysis. This one has grown on me. Krytens feelings of inadequacy around Butler are well explored and highly amusing.

    13- Entangled. I always forget this one but it’s rather enjoyable. The stuff with Irene E at the end is kind of stupid though.

    14- Lemons. This one has grown on me a lot. Actually a decent self contained story and on a nice set too. Don’t care for jesus’ rant about religion though.

    15- Cured. Another one that has grown on me. Was disappointed after my first viewing but it’s actually half decent.

    16- Trojan. Still feel how I felt when I first saw this when it first aired. I want to like it but it’s so “eh.” It’s just okay. Don’t really care for any of it. It’s watchable though.

    17- Dear Dave. Feels exactly as unfinished as the bts stories suggest. I hate the vending machine subplot. Some funny bits though.

    18- Back to Earth trilogy. Not very funny but I actually kind of enjoy it.

    19- Timewave. Yeeesh. Godawful.

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