Red Dwarf at light speed

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    Sep 4, 2017
    In Future Echoes (Series 1) it's said that Red Dwarf is almost at light speed, and that it would take 4000 years just to turn around.

    When does RD slow down enough for things like Starbugs to be able to be launched to other planets?
  2. Deep_Space_in_the_15th_Century

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    Sep 23, 2016
    Deep Space in the 15th Century
    We've discussed the thorny topic of the 4000 years before, see here. Unfortunately viewers don't know exactly when they turned around. All we know is that it was sometime between Future Echoes and Better Than Life.

    Future Echoes:
    LISTER: Rimmer, if I'm gonna go back to Earth I'm gonna have to go into stasis. It's gonna take 4000 years just to turn around. You can't do a three point turn when you're this close to lightspeed, you know.

    Better than Life:
    HOLLY: It's been tracking us since we left Earth. Now we've turned round it's caught up.

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