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    Apr 10, 2020
    Hi, I'm having a bit of a de-clutter of my recuperation lounge and i just wanted to ask if anybody has thoughts on past Dwarfy stuff you either own, or wish you had bought.

    I'm thinking of selling one of my starbug corgi models, though not sure which one. I won't get much, but it really looks weird in my display cabinet having one model of Red Dwarf next to two Starbugs! Been like that for years. I didn't get the Red Dwarf ship on it's own, but i did get the set with a Red Dwarf ship, a Starbug and a Rimsy and Listy. I also have the Starbug from the dvd set, as well as the Skutter (or is it Scutter??). Think it's probably time to let one of the buggys fly off to a new home, definitely keeping one of them, but which do i keep?

    Does anybody have both of the Red Dwarf ship models? Are they identical? Does the one on its own come with a stand? I know i'm smegged off that i never got the playset. mainly because i don't have a Kryters and a Cat, as far as i know they never got released in any model form outside of the playset?

    I am also wondering about selling my Inquisitor bobble head. Never been that keen on it to be honest. There is one fairly huge problem with selling it though. When i bought it brand new, off Amazon or Play or whoever it was, both arms were snapped off in the box. I didn't return it as it was completely sold out everywhere and only cost me about £10. I figured i would try to repair it. But it sat in the drawer for years. I threw the box out. Anyway, last year my grandfather decided to take it on himself to repair it with superglue! He made a bit of a flamingo up to be honest. From a distance it looks kind of normal, but close up, you can see glue all around the joins. I'm guessing that would reduce it's appeal quite a bit! Shame, because the rest of it is pretty much perfect, due to not leaving the bottom drawer since the beginning of time itself.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling on a bit. If anybody is still here, does anybody know who bought the original Red Dwarf jigsaw prop? I was seriously considering buying it, i think it was about £500, but then i forgot all about it due to work commitments. Always thought somebody should have mass produced that jigsaw. I'm sure it would have sold out in no time. And no, sadly i never got the Mr Flibble puppet.
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    Apr 22, 2009
    Can we see photos?!?!?

    Also are you one of @neilold ‘s friends?
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    above you all in cheshire
    Ants attempt to involve me in random threads, number 400,0000
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