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Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by Sarah, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Sarah

    Sarah Console Officer

    Oct 5, 2015
    So who's got the best red dwarf collection on the forum?
    Probably not me to be honest :-( I've got dvds and a t-shirt:-D
  2. sundayforsammy

    sundayforsammy Console Officer

    Nov 12, 2009
    Newcastle UK
    Yeah not me either, I have all the complete DVD's and Blurays, 2 VHS re mastered and the full original VHS tapes which where lent out and I doubt I will ever find them again. All VHS tapes were bought when originally released new. I also have a coffee mug and the game DVD as well as the Bodysnatcher DVD's. A couple of books and that's it.

    If anyone wants the 2 re mastered VHS tapes I still have then I will be happy to sent them on for the cost of postage.

    I've never been one for collecting models and stuff.
  3. simulant37

    simulant37 Science Officer

    Feb 3, 2012
    Kry10 had a great collection but sold most of it.
  4. Pendo

    Pendo Second Officer Fan Club Team

    Aug 24, 2001
    I have a few bits and bobs but nothing totally impressive. There will be people with much more impressive collections than me.

    When I would younger I used to spend a fortune collecting Red Dwarf things but now I'm older and have responsibilities I haven't bought anything in years.
  5. Kittypaws

    Kittypaws Flight Co-Ordinator

    Feb 17, 2013
    Wherever the catnip is
    Series 1 - 10 DVDs
    Bodysnatchers DVD
    Smeg Ups and Smeg Out DVD
    Series 10 2 disc Steelbook
    Ace Rimmer/Smoke me a kipper I'll be back for breakfast tshirt
    12 inch tall Kryten figure
  6. Mardroid

    Mardroid Console Officer

    Mar 15, 2004
    I'm not much of a collector. I even sold the BtE DVD and the series X DVDs once I got the blu-rays as I didn't see much point having two versions. That being said, I did get the new steelbook edition of X, despite already owning the original blu-ray. I'm not usually fussed by steelbooks particularly as it is just a fancy case with no new content. But THIS case is so very nice. It just arrived last week. In this case I would usually stick with the latest version and sell the old one (unless the content were different) but I like the artwork of the older case in a different way. It fits better with the other series DVDs although it's not quite the same being a blu-ray.

    Anyway, my Red Dwarf collection comprises:

    All series, I-VIII DVDs
    Back to Earth Blu-ray
    Series X Blu-ray and steelbooks, as previously mentioned
    Beat the Geek DVD game.

    Lister without fear head knocker
    Kryten head knocker
    Duane Dibbley head knocker
    The Inquisitor head knocker
    (I wish they'd brought out the Psiren and gingham dress Rimmer. Never mind.)

    Small Skutter figure.
    Small Starbug model (I believe it's by matchbox)
    Matchbox Red Dwarf
    Matchbox figures of the crew

    Glass paperweight Starbug model - (This is a beautiful item. I got it at the convention)

    Starbug playset with tiny figures -(Imported from Japan, I believe. I paid way too much considering how much it was originally worth, but I don't regret it)

    A Dimension Jump T-shirt - (An older design from a previous convention that was going cheap)

    I think that's it.

    Oh wait, the novels -

    Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers and Better than Life joint volume by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.
    Last Human by Doug Naylor.
    Backwards by Rob Grant.
  7. Sarah

    Sarah Console Officer

    Oct 5, 2015
    Your definitely in first place at the moment:-D
  8. dibbleysmeghead

    dibbleysmeghead Second Technician

    Jul 23, 2015
    I wish there was a bit more RD merch out there. With the obvious exception of the dvd's, blu ray's and books we've not had much in the way of collectibles like models, figures etc.

    There was a comment in a thread recently where someone mentioned the Funko Pop figures, they would be amazing!
  9. simulant37

    simulant37 Science Officer

    Feb 3, 2012
    Someone should start an online petition!
  10. simulant37

    simulant37 Science Officer

    Feb 3, 2012
    Oooh! Good that you haven't sold it all
  11. Mardroid

    Mardroid Console Officer

    Mar 15, 2004
    That reminds me, I have the movie poster parody calendar as well, although I'm not sure where it is now. (I wouldnt have thrown it away despite being out of date.) The poster from that still adorns my wall.
  12. karnie

    karnie Supply Officer

    Dec 1, 2002
    Long Island, New York
    Here's mine:


    Bigger image HERE.
  13. Stephen

    Stephen Guest

    I'll try listing mine when I get home. There's a fair bit!
  14. Stephen

    Stephen Guest

    Red Dwarf all series VHS
    Red Dwarf 7 Xtended
    Smeg Ups VHS
    Smeg Outs VHS
    Series 1 & 2 Remastered VHS (Only have series 3 pt 1...I NEED PART 2!!)
    Red Dwarf Six of the Best VHS box set (x2)
    The Cat Tongue Tied The Video VHS
    Chris Barrie's Motoring Wheel Nuts VHS

    All regular series releases 1-8 (each signed by actor featured on spine)
    Back to Earth
    Series X steelbook (signed by cast & crew)
    Red Dwarf The Bodysnatcher Collection
    Red Dwarf Just The Smegs
    Red Dwarf Beat The Geek (signed by Danny, Hattie & Norman)
    Red Dwarf Just The Shows Vol.1 & Vol. 2
    Red Dwarf All The Shows Anniversary Edition box set (signed by Craig, Hattie, Robert, Danny, Chris, John Lenahan, Tony Hawks & Doug Naylor)
    Red Dwarf series 5 limited edition box set (with Starbug toy)
    Red Dwarf series 8 limited edition box set (with Skutter toy)
    Red Dwarf Smeg Ups UMD edition for the PSP
    The Brittas Empire DVDs 1-7
    Crime Traveler parts 1 & 2 (don't laugh!) (Chloe Annette)
    Massive Machines (Chris Barrie)
    Massive Engines (Chris Barrie)
    Tomb Raider films (Chris Barrie)
    Woman Wizard (signed by Robert)
    it2i2 (signed by Robert)
    Story Makers (signed by Danny)
    Mark Williams On The Rails

    Tongue Tied CD single
    Red Dwarf/Starbug/Rimmer/Lister corgi boxed set
    Laser etched Starbug keyring
    Laser etched Starbug glass block
    Red Dwarf dog tags
    Smeg Head dog tags
    Red Dwarf logo pendant (x2)
    Lister/Kryten/Duane Dibbley/Inquisitor bobble heads
    Full set of Red Dwarf collectors cards in branded folder
    Red Dwarf logo cuff links
    Red Dwarf logo belt buckle
    Starbug belt buckle
    Red Dwarf logo tie pin
    Red Dwarf ship/star bug/Kryten bottle stoppers
    Red Dwarf branded sports watch
    Red Dwarf coasters (x4)
    TORDFC coaster
    Full set of red dwarf floating pens (2 sets, 1 used...I know I know!)
    Official Mr Flibble hand puppet
    Starbug Electronic Playset
    Full set of Smegazines Vols 1 & 2 (Vol 1 No.1 signed by all cast & some crew)
    Various TV magazines which have featured RD articles inside
    Red Dwarf branded USB stick from Back To Earth London promo event
    Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers book (x3 all well read!)
    Better Than Life book (x2)
    Red Dwarf Backwards book
    Red Dwarf Last Human book
    Red Dwarf Omnibus book
    Red Dwarf VIII script (Hardback)
    RD The Roleplaying Game book
    RD RPG Series Sourcebook
    RD RPG AI screen
    The Official Red Dwarf Companion (x2, one falling apart!)
    The Making of Red Dwarf (Joe Nazarro)
    Red Dwarf Space Corps Survival Manual
    Red Dwarf Log. 1996
    Scenes From The Dwarf
    Red Dwarf Programme Guide (up to series 7)
    Red Dwarf Son of Soup
    Red Dwarf Primordial Soup
    Red Dwarf Quiz Book
    Red Dwarf A Question of Smeg Quiz book
    Total Immersion Encyclopaedias (A-K & L-Z...unsigned :crying: )
    Craig Charles The Log
    TORDFC bookmarks (x5)
    SFX Back To Earth "Golden Cover" edition signed by all cast & Doug
    Robert Llewellyn Brother Nature
    Robert Llewellyn/Nigel Planer Therapy & How To Avoid It
    Craig Charles Almanac of Total Knowledge
    Robert Llewellyn Man In The Rubber Mask (signed)
    Robert Llewellyn Sudden Wealth
    Robert Llewellyn The Reconstructed Heart
    Hattie Hayridge Random Abstract Memory (signed)
    Rob Grant Colony (plus cassette set)
    Robert Llewellyn Thin He Was & Filthy Haired
    Robert Llewellyn Punchbag (signed)
    Robert Llewellyn Sold Out
    Robert Llewellyn The Man On Platform 5 (plus cassette set)
    Rob Grant Incompetance
    Rob Grant Fat (signed)
    Behind The Scenes At...Scraphead Challenge (signed)
    Gordon Brittas Sharing The Dream
    Tony Hawks Round Ireland With A Fridge (plus cassette set)
    Tony Hawks Playing The Moldovans At Tennis
    Tony Hawks One Hit Wonderland (signed) (plus cassette set)
    Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers full cassette set (Unabridged version)
    Better Than Life full cassette set (Unabrudged version)
    Red Dwarf Radio Show Vol. 1 (Infinity Welcomes...)
    Red Dwarf Radio Show Vol. 2 (Better Than Life)
    Red Dwarf Backwards 4-cassette set
    Red Dwarf Last Human 4-cassette set
    Red Dwarf leather sleeved bomber jacked
    4 or 5 Red Dwarf tshirts
  15. Ant E

    Ant E Science Officer

    Apr 22, 2009
  16. Stephen

    Stephen Guest

    Yes?...there's was also a bunch of DJ goers went out into Bedford High Street and bought a bunch of copies too. It's purely cos Danny was in it.
  17. Ant E

    Ant E Science Officer

    Apr 22, 2009
  18. KrytieTV1

    KrytieTV1 Skutter

    Apr 18, 2016
    My collection is no where near some of these. But thought I'd share anyways.

    DVDs -
    Red Dwarf I - 2 Disc
    Red Dwarf II - 2 Disc
    Red Dwarf III - 2 Disc
    Red Dwarf IV - 2 Disc
    Red Dwarf V - 2 Disc
    Red Dwarf VI - 2 Disc
    Red Dwarf VII - 2 Disc
    Red Dwarf VIII - 2 Disc (2 Copies)
    Red Dwarf Back to Earth - The Director's Cut
    Red Dwarf X
    Red Dwarf The Bodysnatcher Collection - Re-mastered Versions
    Red Dwarf - Just the Smegs
    Red Dwarf - Just the Shows - Vol. 1 (I - IV)
    Red Dwarf - Just the Shows - Vol. 2 (V - VIII)
    Red Dwarf Beat the Geek
    Red Dwarf USA - 2 US Pilot, Includes Universe Challenge (Custom DVD)

    Models/Figures -
    Red Dwarf Ship (Corgi)
    Starbug Ship (Corgi)
    Rimmer and Lister Figures (Corgi)
    Starbug Electronic Playset (Japan 8" Model)
    Skutter Model

    To be honest I wish there were more models to buy...:eek:ops:
  19. djmcbell

    djmcbell Supply Officer

    Sep 15, 2012
    I have:

    Series 1-8 (the regular individual versions, not the "just the shows" one - though 5 and 8 are the Starbug/Skutter versions)
    RDX blu-ray
    Beat The Geek

    I did have the Omnibus but it's gone walkies
    Last Human
    Stasis Leaked
    Man In The Rubber Suit
    An old program guide (series 6)
    Quiz book (series 6)
    The Log
    Space Corps Survival Guide

    I did have an Ace Rimmer t-shirt in my youth
    And a poster
    A Starbug / pencil-Red Dwarf, with a Rimmer and Lister
    I did have the Tongue Tied tape somewhere. If I ever find it I'll let others know as I know some have been on the lookout for it

    I think that's it.
  20. karnie

    karnie Supply Officer

    Dec 1, 2002
    Long Island, New York
    Bring it to the next DJ... ;-)

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