What's your favorite series and why?

Discussion in 'RED DWARF UNIVERSE' started by betelgeuse, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. betelgeuse

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    Mar 27, 2010
    I know this is such a pad question on a fan forum, but I'm just rewatching all the Red Dwarf series again for the first time in a few years and I love doing it cause it's like rediscovering the series again - sort of.
    So it was kind of interesting to me to see what other fans favorite series were.

    I've just started watching the xtended series VII - and though its great and feels very professional and 'crisp', the absense of rimmer, the laughing track and the studio audience makes the series sort of lopsided - though very refreshing, but I do love the fact there are more episodes.

    But my favorite series is between series 3 and 4.
  2. Cepillo

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    Aug 3, 2010
    My favourite series is VI. I think this was when the production values really caught up with the quality of the writing and performances. Not to say the production values were bad as such, in earlier series, it’s just they weren’t as polished – in a way I’m conflicted about this though – the dodgy sets and TV budget special effects are part of the shows kitsch charm. Putting them on Starbug was a good idea, it gave the series a pace and movement and the ability to interact and explore. Another series with this set-up would have been fine, and certainly more appealing than what we got in the next two. I really like series I as well, but in all respect VI is just a better, more well defined and accomplished show.

    (*Basically, in series VI there is only one episode I’m not to keen on – namely, Gunmen (although I still like it, to a degree) And I really like all the other episodes. Whereas in the previous series there was always one or two episode that I genuinely didn’t like:
    Series 5: Demons and Angles, to a lesser degree Holoship and The Inquistor.
    Series 4: Meltdown and Camille.
    Series 3: The Last Day and Bodyswap.
    Series 2: Kryten.)

    I don't even count VII and VIII - for me the show ended after Out of Time.
  3. ALynnL07

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    Aug 8, 2010
    Out of Time
    My favorite series? Now that's a tough call. I have to say Series V. A lot of my favorite episodes that I re-watch time and again are in that one.

    It starts out with Holo-ship, a rather ill-fated romance story between Rimmer and another hologram. I found that kind of well... heart-warming that he still has that feeling of compassion in him despite his bitterness. I wasn't in tears like Lister was at the romance movie though.

    Quarantine, of course. Chris Barrie does the Creepy Monotone VERY well, and certainly convinced ME that Rimmer had a few screws loose when he contracted the holo-virus. Cat's lines here are also particular gold.

    Terrorform. It's my all-time favorite episode, where Rimmer's mind is molded into the terrain of a psy-moon. The viewer gets to look into his inner thoughts, and how the emotions of his bitterness and self-loathing actually manifest within his psyche. No, I don't just like it for the sexy shirtless Rimmer. Of course not. Also, Lister's "plan" was awesome. You know he really meant it when he said he loved Rimmer. 8D

    And then there is Back to Reality. The whole concept of the adventures maybe just "Being a dream" just had me on the edge of my seat, begging for more. And then of course, there was the concept of what would bring everybody despair.
  4. GulDukat

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    Apr 10, 2011
    I agree with your analysis of VI and that would probably be my pick for favorite season, although I did like VII and VIII, and I though that "Gunman" was great.

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