Complete Guide

Cast & Crew - Series X

Chris Barrie (Rimmer)
Craig Charles (Lister)
Danny John-Jules (Cat)
Robert Llewellyn (Kryten)
Mark Dexter (Howard Rimmer)
Susan Earl (Sim. Crawford)
Lucy Newman-Williams (All Droyd Jayne / Phone Droid Voice)
Bryan Bounds (All Droid Bob / Phone Droid Voice)
Laurence Bouvard (Phone Droid Voice)
Rupert Degas (Phone Droid Voice)
Rebecca Blackstone (Pree)
Kerry Shale (Medi-Bot / Taiwan Tony)
Indira Joshi (Erin)
James Baxter (Jesus)
Nicholas Richards (Uncle Aaron)
Tom Pepper (Man Who May Be Jesus & Judas)
Hormuzd Todiwala (Waiter)
Steven Wickham (Begg Chief)
Peter Elliott (Chimp)
Nik Williams (Chimp Puppeteer)
Jun Matsuura (Chimp Puppeteer)
Sydney Stevenson (Professor Edgington)
Emma Campbell-Jones (TV Character 1)
Nick Barber (TV Character 2)
Isla Ure (Dispensers 23 & 34)
Richard O'Callaghan (Hogey the Roguey)
Gary Cady (Dominator Zlurth)
Alex Hardy (Chancellor Wednesday)
Colin Hoult (Chancellor Thursday)
Simon Treves (Lecturer Rimmer)
Taylor James (Big Simulant Advisor)
Philip Labey (Young Rimmer)
Joanna Gale (Wendy)
Writer: Doug Naylor
Director: Doug Naylor
Co-Producer: Richard Naylor
Line Producer: David Mason
Production Executive: Roopesh Parekh
Executive Producer: Charles Armitage
Executive Producer: Doug Naylor
Commissioning Executive for Dave: Jane Rogerson
1st Assistant Director: Jim Imber
2nd Assistant Director: Debbie Biggins
3rd Assistant Director: Lucy Pearson
Floor Runner: Siggy Stone
Floor Runner: Reece King
Production Co-ordinator: Louisa Rawlins
Production Accountant: Bob McDonald
Script Supervisor: Stephanie Rose
Vision Mixer: Sarah Giles-Harling
Art Director: Richard Field
Model Maker: William Pearson
Prop Maker / Model Maker: Wyn Jenkins
Production Buyer: Bronwyn Franklin
Props Master: Laurie Miller
Standby Props: Paul Kearney
Art Assistant: Micaela Ralph
Dubbing Mixer: Keith Nixon
Assistant Editor: Daniel Passes
VFX Producer: Tony Maher
VFX Editor: Miguel Riveiro
Additional Editing: David Barrett
Post Production Supervisor: Jackie Vance
Colourist: Andy Lee
Gaffer: Jim Russell
Camera Operator: Neil Purcell
Camera Operator: Ed Moore
Camera Operator: Keith Hunter
Camera Operator: Martin Scholte
Make Up Supervisor: Elizabeth Hart
Make Up Artist: Katie Lee
Make Up Artist: Morag Smith
Costume Supervisor: Katarina Capellazzi
Costume Standby: Fraser Purfitt
Sound Recordist: Keith Nixon
Music: Howard Goodall
Script Editor: Andrew Ellard
Casting Director: Linda Glover
Editor: Nick Ames
Make Up Designer: Magi Vaughan
Costume Designer: Howard Burden
Director of Photography: Andy Martin
Production Designer: Michael Ralph
Production Assistant: Charlotte Rutherford
Production Assistant: Claire Zammit
Cable Basher: Yannis Tsakiridis
Cable Basher: Sam Irwin
Cable Basher: Tommy Mair
Cable Basher: Joel Fowler
Casting Assistant: Sarah Leung
Post Production Accountant: Lara Sargent
General Manager for Grant Naylor Productions: Helen Norman
Props Storeman: Paul Pitts
Construction Manager: Greyham Feehily
Standby Carpenter: Peter Wolf
Storyboard Artist: Jim McCarthy
Unit Stills Photographer: Jon Hall
Art Director: Richard Field
Model Maker: Neil Ellis (6)
Model Maker: Steve Howarth (6)
Sound Maintenance: Rikki Hanson
Sound Maintenance: Martin Clarke
Best Boy: Stephen Lisser
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Sparks: Paul Barker
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Focus Puller: Dan Homer
Make Up Artist: Alana Campbell (6)
VFX Producer: Michele Fabien-Jones (6)
1st Model Unit
Director of Photography: Peter Talbot
Focus Puller: Simon Heck
Camera Assistant: Luke Cairns
Grip: Terry Rowland
Gaffer: David Owen
2nd Model Unit
Director of Photography: Deane Thrussell
VFX Supervisor: David Parvin
Gaffer: Shawn White
Best Boy: Tony Hannington
Script Supervisor: Tommy Mair