Complete Guide

Cast & Crew - Series VII

Craig Charles (Dave Lister)
Chris Barrie (Arnold Rimmer)
Danny John-Jules (Cat)
Robert Llewellyn (Kryten, Able)
Chloë Annett (Kristine Kochanski)
Sarah Alexander (Queen)
Toby Aspin (Lee Harvey Oswald)
Robert Ashe (Cop)
Gary Bleasdale (Frank)
Mark Carlisle (Lieutenant)
Brian Cox (The King)
Peter Gaitens (FBI agent)
Andy Gell (Soldier)
Juliet Griffiths (Barmaid)
Stephen Grothgar (Soldier)
Catherine Harvey (Kitty Bennet)
Don Henderson (Simulant)
Alexander John-Jules (Baby Lister)
Rebecca Katz (Mary Bennet)
Nicky Leatherbarrow (Caroline Carmen)
Mark Lingwood (Gestapo Officer)
Julia Lloyd (Elizabeth Bennet)
Norman Lovett (Holly)
Gary Martin (Epideme)
Kai Maurer (Soldier)
Ken Morley (Captain Vorhese)
Vicky Ogden (Mrs Bennet)
Alina Proctor (Jane Bennet)
Alison Senior (Princess Bonjella)
Sophia Thierens (Lydia Bennet)
Michael J. Shannon (John F. Kennedy)
Adrienne Posta (Flight Announcer)
John Thompson (Good Knight)
Tikka to Ride
Tara Wadsworth (Jakkie Kennedy)
John Godwin (Policeman)
Rob Coleman (Policeman Driver)
Lee Bevan (Kryten Double)
Jed Whittle (1960s Child)
Mike Reardon (Eric White)
Jim Groves (Mr Connelly)
Pat Hewitt (Mrs Connelly)
Jeff Rothner (1960s Man)
Tommy Walsh (1960s Man)
Andrew Yianakoo (1960s Man)
Leon Hamilton (1960s Man)
Graham Stagg (1960s Man)
Eric Edwardss (1960s Man)
Graham Pearce (1960s Man)
Dave Gibbons (1960s Man)
Howard Whiteson (1960s Man)
Ray Carty (1960s Man)
Francis Ward (1960s Man)
Alix Bates (1960s Man)
Stephen Simpson (1960s Man)
Barry O'Rourke (1960s Man)
Patricia Varley (1960s Woman)
Liz Steer (1960s Woman)
Brenda Baker (1960s Woman)
Denise Powell (1960s Woman)
Christine Barker (1960s Woman)
Jane Lester (1960s Woman)
Tricia Vincent (1960s Woman)
Izzy Kerry (1960s Woman)
Kim Mansfield (1960s Woman)
Louise James (1960s Girl)
Sherryn Salmon (1960s Girl)
Lucy MacKinnon (1960s Girl)
Barbara Edwards (1960s Mother)
Jaswant Singh (Indian Man)
Andrew Backall (Secret Service Agent)
Derek Howard (Secret Service Agent)
M. D. Cole (S.S. Agent/Car Driver)
Steve Edwards (S.S. Agent/Car Driver)
Charles Bodycomb (S.S. Agent/Car Driver)
Kenny Alton (S.S. Agent/Car Driver)
Stoke Me A Clipper
Guy Winfield (Pilot)
Richard Bailey (Ace Rimmer Double)
Mike Kerslake (Knight)
Andrew O'Leary (Knight)
Philip Ticehurst (Double for King)
Jasper Dunk (Medieval Extra)
Lynn Dunk (Medieval Extra)
Cara Williams - Competition Winner (Medieval Extra)
Jonathan Shepherd (Traveller)
Rachel Harrison (Traveller)
Phil Downes (Traveller)
Graham Airman (Traveller)
Jake Tassell (Traveller)
Catherine Newell (Traveller)
Chris Steel (Customs Officer)
Frank Johnson (Customs Officer)
George Blee (Customs Officer)
Pat Leclerc (Customs Officer)
Jason Davis (Lister Hand Double)
Sam Timoko (Alternate Lister)
Duct Soup
Mark Kennedy (GELF)
Warren Leo (GELF)
Beyond a Joke
Lee Bevan (Kryten Double)
Jeremy King (GELF)
Raj Kumar (Indian Waiter)
John Gower (King Soloman - not used)
Mike O'Mally (Einstein - not used)
Ian Masters (Herbert J. Spilliker - not used)
Helen Leigh (Caroline Carmen's Arm - not used)
Peter Hale (Frozen Body)
Chris Hale (Frozen Body)
Kate Laurie (Frozen Body)
Sue Clarke (Frozen Body)
Debbi Lloyd (Frozen Body)
Raymond Martin (Frozen Body)
Terry Fisher (Walk-On)
Special Thanks To:
London Zoo for Vorhese's crocodile Allison
The Medieval Combat Society
Plantagenet Medieval Archery and Combat Society
Written By Doug Naylor
And Paul Alexander 2,7,8
And Kim Fuller 5
And Robert Llewellyn 6
And James Hendrie 8
Produced and Directed By Ed Bye

Executive Producer: Doug Naylor

Additional Video Effects: Chris Veale
Art Director: Adrian Caldwell 1,2
Art Director: Ian Reade Hill 3,4,5,6,7,8
Camera Operator: Jim Alloway
Casting Director: Linda Glover
Costumes: Howard Burden
Costumes: Gill Shaw
Editor: Graham Hutchings
First Assistant Director: Paul Hastings
Gaffer: John Barker
General Manager GNP Ltd: Helen Norman
Location Manager: Cliff Pinnock
Make Up: Andrea Finch
Make Up: Sarah Berry
Music: Howard Goodall
PA to Producers/Director: Tessa Glover
Photography: Peter Morgan
Post Production Sound: Jem Whippey
Production Accountant: Mike Amos
Production Designer: Mel Bibby
Production Manager: Jo Bennett
Production Co-Ordinator: Esther Rodewald
Prop Buyer: Trevor Young 1,2
Prop Buyer: Laurie Law 3,4,5,6,7,8
Prop Master: Tim Youngman
Script Editor: Paul Alexander
Script Supervisor: Christine Moses
Second Assistant Director: Rebecca Hewitt
Sound Supervisor: Nigel Davis
Stunt Co-Ordinator: Nick Gillard, Lee Sheward 2
Stunt Co-Ordinator: Tracey Eddon 3,4,5
Stunts: Ray De-Haan, Andreas Petrides 2
Visual Effects Designer: Peter Wragg
Visual Effects Designer: James Davis 1
Visual Effects Designer: Nick Kool 2
Visual Effects Designer: Mike Tucker 3,4,5
Visual Effects Designer: Steve Lucas 6
Visual Effects Designer: Paul McGuiness 7,8
Video Effects Designer: Dave Jervis 2,4,5,8
Video Effects Designer: Paul Cavanagh 3,4,5