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Red Dwarf Theme

Lyrics by Howard Goodall

It's cold outside
There's no kind of atmosphere
I'm all alone
More or less

Let me fly
Far away from here
Fun fun fun
In the sun sun sun

I want to lie
Shipwrecked and comatose
Drinking fresh
Mango juice

Goldfish shoals
Nibbling at my toes
Fun fun fun
In the sun sun sun

Fun fun fun
In the sun sun sun

Lunar City Seven

Lyrics by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor

To Ganymede and Titan
Yes sir, I've been around
But there ain't no place
In the whole of space
Like that good ol' toddlin' town...

Lunar City Seven
You're my idea of heaven
Out of ten you score eleven
You good ol' artificial terra-formed settlement...

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