Complete Guide

Cast & Crew - Series V

Craig Charles (Dave Lister)
Chris Barrie (Arnold Rimmer)
Danny John-Jules (Cat)
Robert Llewellyn (Kryten)
Hattie Hayridge (Holly)
Guest Cast
Jake Abraham (Second Lister)
Lucy Briers (Harrison)
James Cormick (Thomas Allman)
Simon Day (Number Two)
Jack Docherty (The Inquisitor, Miscredited as 'John')
Lenny von Dohlen (Cop)
Anastasia Hille (New Kochanski)
Jane Horrocks (Nirvanah Crane)
Matthew Marsh (Captain Hercule Platini)
Marie McCarthy (Nurse)
Jane Montgomery (Number One)
John Sharian (New Lister)
Timothy Spall (Andy)
Maggie Steed (Dr Hildegarde Lanstrom)
Sara Stockbridge (Handmaiden)
Francine Walker-Lee (Handmaiden)
Don Warrington (Commander Binks)
Steve Steen (Actor Voice)
Kate Robbins (Actress Voice and Lift Voice)
Tim Yeates (Sam Murray)
Jeanette Brown (Crew Member)
Jason Griffiths (Crew Member)
Gillian Spibey (Crew Member)
Dean Taylor (Crew Member)
Carl Chase (Old Lister)
Tim Yeates (Second Kryten)
Trevor St.John Hacker (Second Thomas Allman)
Duane Cox (Young Lister)
Gareth Milne (Stunt Arranger)
Jim Dowdall (Stuntman)
Tom Lucy (Stuntman)
Paul Heaseman (Stuntman)
Nick Hobbs (Stuntman)
Bill Weston (Stuntman)
Tom Delmar (Stuntman)
John Baker (Hooded Hoard)
John Buchanen (Hooded Hoard)
John Denton (Hooded Hoard)
Gary Forecast (Hooded Hoard)
Steve Jenson (Hooded Hoard)
Ray Lavender (Hooded Hoard)
Michael Leader (Hooded Hoard)
Andrew Leggatt (Hooded Hoard)
Martin Virgo (Hooded Hoard)
Demons & Angels
Jake Abraham (Lister stand In)
Johnny Orlando (Cat Stand In)
Tim Yeates (Kryten Stand In)
George Mack (Lister Stand In)
Back to Reality
David Lemkin (New Cat)
Julian Lyon (New Rimmer)
Susan Kyd (Computer Voice)
Scott Charles Bennett (New Kryten)
Karen Salt (Urchin Girl)
Copacabana (At The Copa) - Victor Silvester Junior and his Orchestra (James Last performance used on first transmission only)
Heroic Music - "Reach For The Stars"
(Episode Numbers are given where relevant)
Written By Rob Grant and Doug Naylor
Produced By Hilary Bevan Jones
Directed By Juliet May, Grant Naylor

Executive Producers: Rob Grant, Doug Naylor

Associate Producer: Julian Scott
Camera Supervisor: Rocket
Casting: Judy Davis
Costume Designer: Howard Burden
Costume Designer: Gill Shaw
Console Operator: Dai Thomas
Gaffer: Ron Green
Lighting Director: John Pomphrey
Make Up Designer: Andria Pennell
Make Up Designer: Belinda Parrish
Music: Howard Goodall
Production Accountant: Joanna Birkenshaw
Production Assistant: Christine Moses
Production Designers: Mel Bibby, Stephen Bradshaw
Production Team: Nichol Hoye
Production Team: Mairead Curtin
Prop Buyer: Stella McIntyre
Properties: Paul Purdy
Stage Manager: Kerry Waddell
Stunt Co-Ordinator: Gareth Milne 2
Stunts: Colin Skeaping
Sound Supervisor: Keith Mayes
Technical Manager: Jeff Jeffry
Unit Manager: Irene Gibbons
Video Effects: Bruce Steele
Video Effects: Jez Gibson
Videotape Editor: Graham Hutchings
Vision Mixer: Simon Sanders
Vision Supervisor: Mike Spencer
Visual Effects Designer: Peter Wragg
Visual Effects Designer: Paul McGuinness