Lockdown Theatre

Lockdown Theatre is a specially designed initiative to serve up original entertainment in these troubled times.

Created by Rob Grant, Paul Jackson and Ed Bye, Lockdown Theatre puts on live table reads of scripts by a fantastic troupe of actors, livestreamed over the Zoom platform to a watching audience.

So far we've put on performances of two brilliant unproduced sci-fi comedy scripts, with actors including Robert Lindsay, Chris Barrie, Iwan Rheon, Martin Kemp, Ruby Wax, Felicity Montagu, Kevin Eldon, Hattie Hayridge and Lee Cornes. And in June 2020, we also produced A Bit of Waiting For Godot, a live fundraising extravaganza in association with the Royal Theatrical Fund, featuring Robert Lindsay, Michael Palin and Joanna Lumley.

Our regular shows are completely free to view, all you have to do is sign up to our mailing list below and opt-in to the "Lockdown Theatre" show type - each time there's a show, you'll then be sent an invitation to join in the Zoom webinar. And if you're a Red Dwarf fan, you can also watch Rob, Paul and Ed on a weekly basis giving their unique behind-the-scenes commentaries on classic episodes, with a wide-range of all-star Dwarfer guests - simply opt-in to get invited to those shows too.

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WARNING: Though we can't absolutely promise it, there may be some cussing. So if the language of the guttersnipe offends you, you probably shouldn't apply.