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Last Human

by Doug Naylor
(UK paperback, Penguin Books, 1995)
ISBN: 978-0140143881 (0140143882)

Somewhere along the line he'd made a major mistake

Why else would he find himself on a prison ship bound for Cyberia, the most inhospitable penal colony in Deep Space - sentenced to eighteen years Hard Thought?

Dave Lister - The Last Human

The future of the species is in the hands of one man. And all he has to help him are his wits, his cunning, and a two-page girdle section from a mail-order catalogue.

'Smegging wonderful...some of the comic riffs are sublime' - Independent

'Such a fine piece of work. Doug Naylor has come up with a winner here' - Dreamwatch

Notes: "New edition" paperback (November 1995). Doug Naylor's solo RD novel, which follows on from the end of Better Than Life. This edition followed the hardback released by Viking in April 1995.

Cover Art by Bill Gregory.
Illustrations by Mark Wilkinson.

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