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Red Dwarf Programme Guide

by Chris Howarth & Steve Lyons
(UK paperback, Virgin Books, 2000)
ISBN: 978-0753504024 (0753504022)

How many tons of reconsituted sausage paté are stored on Red Dwarf?

How did Lister get rid of Rimmer's bridge club chums?

Who was the first actress to play Kristine Kochanski?

All the answers - along with much, much more non-essential information - can be found in this valuable, yet inexpensive and smeg-free, bestselling guide to the greatest SF comedy series in this universe (and most other universes).

Now fully updated to include the mega-popular eighth season, this book is on the Producer's recommended reading list and is often to be found in the Red Dwarf production offices for handy reference.

Notes: Third revised edition (April 2000).

This is the fourth (and so far final) edition of Howarth & Lyons' reference work, which features an episode-by-episode guide (up to and including Series VIII) along with an extensive A-Z in-universe "database".

First edition published 1993.
Revised edition (ISBN 0863696821) published 1995, adds Series VI section.
Second revised edition (ISBN 0753501031) published 1997, adds Series VII.

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