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Backwards (hardback)

by Rob Grant
(UK hardback, Viking, 1996)
ISBN: 978-0670845743 (0670845744)

Dave Lister has finally found his way back to the planet Earth. Which is good.

What's bad is that time isn't running in quite the right direction. And if he doesn't get off the planet soon, he's going to have to go through puberty again. Backwards.

Still, his crewmates have come to rescue him. Which is good.

What's bad is that they consist of a robot with a hyperactive guilt chip, a creature who evolved from cats, and a dead man. And if they fail, Lister will carry on growing younger until be becomes a baby, then an embryo...

And finally, he'll meet a very sticky end indeed.

Rejoin the trepid band of space zeroes from Red Dwarf and Better Than Life - Lister, Rimmer, Kryten, Holly and the Cat - as they continue their epic journey through frontal-lobe-knotting realities where none dare venture but the bravest of the brave, the boldest of the bold or the feeblest of the feeble-minded.

Notes: First edition hardback (February 1996). Rob Grant's solo RD novel, which follows on from the end of Better Than Life (in an alternate timeline to that of Last Human). Published by Penguin Books' prestige imprint Viking.

Cover Art by Bill Gregory.

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