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Primordial Soup

"The Least Worst Scripts"
by Grant Naylor
(UK paperback, Penguin Books, 1993)
ISBN: 978-0140178869 (0140178864)

Before recorded Time, there existed a substance known as Primordial Soup. From this disgustingly unpromising, gunky substance, all life began. Likewise, from the disgustingly unpromising, gunky scripts, sprang the disgusting, gunky comedy series, Red Dwarf.

Red Dwarf: Primordial Soup

A selection of the least worst scripts from the first five years of Red Dwarf, tracing the series from its humble beginnings to its humble present.

Each of the scripts has been personally chosen by the author from his rubber-sheeted bed in the Norfolk Nursing Home For The Intellectually Challenged.

Notes: First edition paperback (March 1993). Contains reader-friendly presentations of the shooting scripts for Polymorph, Marooned, Dimension Jump, Justice, Back to Reality and Psirens. Notably, was published around six months prior to the broadcast of the latter episode.

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