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Scenes From The Dwarf

by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor
(UK paperback, Penguin Books, 1996)
ISBN: 978-0140253634 (0146002431)

From the Introduction:

This is a collection of some of the least unmemorable scenes from the TV show Red Dwarf.

They have been specially selected so they can be performed at home or by schools or amateur dramatic societies without causing major laser damage to fixtures and fittings or incurring personal injury lawsuits.

Why anyone should want to perform these sequences is a mystery that belongs in the same files as the Roswell Incident...

Notes: First edition paperback (November 1996). Small pocket book issued as part of the "Penguin 60s" series, at RRP of 60p. Features excerpts from Camille, Quarantine, The Last Day, Emohawk, Timeslides, Holoship, Kryten and Out of Time.

Considered by collectors to be among the rarest of Red Dwarf books, although its second-hand availability seems to have improved in recent years.

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