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Space Corps Survival Manual

by Colonel Mike "Mad Dog" O'Hagan
(UK paperback, Mandarin, 1996)
ISBN: 978-0749323745 (0749323744)

How do you start a fire without any matches or arms?

How do you turn your beard into a nourishing soup?

How do you build an igloo on an ice moon in zero gravity when you're unconscious?

In Space you'll met lots of swirly things. What are they and which ones are nice?

If you spend over three months in a parallel universe, do you have a double VAT liability?

You are in a Red Alert situation but the electrics are down - do you send your crew a memo politely informing them of the situation or do you put on a red balaclava and start flashing?

Notes: First paperback edition (November 1996).

A spoof survival manual - actually written by Paul Alexander - presented "in universe" as if the Red Dwarf crew have found it and scribbled all over it.

Published as a tie-in to the then-upcoming Series VII, featuring a number of brand new publicity stills by Mike Vaughan. In order to avoid giving away spoilers about the series, the book presents the Starbug crew as including both Rimmer and Kochanski at the same time.

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