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Red Dwarf Log No. 1996

by Paul Alexander
(UK hardback, Heinemann, 1995)
ISBN: 978-0434003709 (0434003700)

This is the official crew log [no. 1996] of the mining ship Red Dwarf. All crew members are required to make entries - detailing their thoughts and insights during the voyage. Entries of a puerile or scatological nature are expressly forbidden and the words smeg head, gimboid, smeg for brains, goit and molecule mind should not be used with reference to any crew mates. And in the case of Third Technician Arnold J Rimmer the temptation may be particularly strong.

It is the earnest hope of us all here at base that your voyage is a successful one and none of you get eaten alive by anything weird out there.


Notes: First hardback edition (October 1995).

Spoof "in-universe" diary for the year 1996 (or the year "Smeg Knows", according to the title page). Leaves many of the dates blank for use as an actual diary (should any 1996 readers have wished to do so), but also includes character-based entries, Space Corps Directives (including a number unique to the book) and crew profiles.

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