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The Making of Red Dwarf

by Joe Nazzaro
with photographs by Nobby Clark
(UK paperback, Penguin Books, 1994)
ISBN: 978-0140232066 (0140232060)

Behind the scenes in deep space Shepperton, American journalist Joe Nazzaro spent three months with the Red Dwarf cast and crew during the shooting of Series VI.

This is a fascinating account of how an ambitious and technically complex TV show is translated from script to screen, together with interviews and observations from the stars, writers, producers and production team.

Packed with stunning behind-the-scenes photographs, with an introduction by the series' creators Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, this book is not only an unmissable treat for Red Dwarf fans, but a valuable reference work on how a television series is made.

Notes: First edition paperback (May 1994). Fully illustrated behind-the-scenes guide, focusing largely on the making of Gunmen of the Apocalypse. Includes many rare behind-the-scenes photographs as well as Starbug set schematics. Foreword by Grant Naylor.

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