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A Question of Smeg

The Second Red Dwarf Quiz Book
by Nicky Hooks & Sharon Burnett
(UK paperback, Penguin Books, 1997)
ISBN: 978-0140270709 (0140270701)

Who taught foundation courses in advanced rebellion?

Is the right answer.

So which character asked: "How's life in hippy heaven you pregnant, baoon-bellied space beatnik?"

Correct. But in which episode?

OK. OK. How long did it take the shuttle to go from Mimas to Red Dwarf?

Close. Now, what were Rimmer's last words before he entered the Rage?

And just who was Android 72264Y?

Beginning to get the picture yet?

You'll find these and many more in the all new Red Dwarf quiz book: a fun-filled volume full of teasing - and extremely DIFFICULT - questions based on the very latest Red Dwarf series AND all four Red Dwarf novels. PLUS Infinity's newest Word Searches, Backwards Sideways Crosswords and Truly Unmissable "quotes". Oh, and ANSWERS, for those who get "Lost".

Notes: First edition paperback (Oct 1997). Sequel collection of RD quiz questions.

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