Red Dwarf Can Make You Live Longer

Red Dwarf is good for you - Scientific Proof!

20 November, 2000

It may have made you laugh until you were sick, but Red Dwarf may help you laugh your way back to full health according to a recent study. In tests held at the University of Wolverhampton, Red Dwarf was proven to help the body's immune system fight infection.

Red Dwarf Can Make You Live Longer

Dr Shantha Perera, who conducted the study, showed students an episode of the show and then tested them for antibodies. The results were an average increase of 90% - whereas when the students were shown a less-than-riveting documentary, the levels of antibody actually dropped.

Asked if he would recommend the show as an aid to health, Dr Perera said, "These kind of results suggest that exposure to comedy could be good if people are stressed and if the immune system needs a boost. And if they like Red Dwarf, then obviously Red Dwarf is the one to go for."

Mr Flibble Talks To... Dr Shantha Perera

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