Pen And Ink funky floating spaceships in the new gravity pens; and Australia's newest T-shirt.

12 December, 2003

Before we get to the new goodies, a little reminder that the UK Red Dwarf Shop is now having its Half Price Christmas Sale. Items such as the Skutter T-Shirt (featuring Mike Tucker's original design art for the robotic shoeboxes) and coasters sets are now reduced by a whopping 50%! With Christmas on the way, you can also grab DVDs, signed pictures, posters and more.

Pen And Ink

Now, the Stamp Centre have just released, on their Sci-Fi Collector site, six new gravity pens. Featuring the images shown here, each one has a moving element inside the pen - Red Dwarf or Starbug will fly back and forth as you write. This is the second set of gravity pens the company have released, having had such a great response to the original release.

Among other things, the Stamp Centre also have signed Craig and Emile Charles photos - recalling their on-screen appearance together in Timeslides - bottle stoppers and more. You can access the website via Links.

Pen And Ink

Over in Australia, meanwhile, you might have clocked the fabulous new Schematic T-shirt. Designed as a breakdown of the Red Dwarf ship, areas of particular importance are pointed out, so you need never get lost on the diesel decks again! You can get it from the Australian Red Dwarf Shop right now.

Fans Stateside - don't feel left out! Mugs, T-shirts and much, much more - including the frankly fantastic RD Roleplaying Game - are available now from the Red Dwarf Store USA.

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