Series IV On DVD

The fourth series of Red Dwarf debuts on shiny disc!

13 February, 2004

Even as we type, shelves up and down the country are being lined with cream-coloured DVD boxes, and shop assistants are no doubt unable to resist dancing as they do this. Surely this is the best thing to happen to them all month?

Series IV On DVD

Yes the February 16th release of Red Dwarf IV is cause for celebration, and will be doing its own dance of joy in the only way we know how - by offering up a whole world of Series IV-related links to further fire your enthusiasm for the season that introduced Ace Rimmer, killer curry monsters, Spare Head Three and that appearance by 'Elvis Presley'.

Series IV On DVD

The DVD contains as much bonus material as could be packed in - including a cast commentary, a brand new 75-minute documentary on the making of the series, trailers, featurettes, deleted scenes, outtakes, music cues, talking book chapters, raw effects footage, photo gallery, hidden Easter eggs, the Can't Smeg Won't Smeg special and a collector's booklet.

Series IV On DVD

Inevitably, you can learn more about the series with's Episode Guide, and about the characters, ships and ruthless killing machines that appear therein via the Space Corps Database. Plus don't forget the Series IV Image Bank gallery. You can also see what some of the characters have to say for themselves when Camille, the Simulant and the Santa Waxdroid chat to Talkie Toaster.

Series IV On DVD

Or maybe you want to check out what happened behind the scenes - in which case the Series IV section has as much information as could be safely contained without leaking out. (Or alternatively DVD Details has a series of production diaries on the making of the discs.)

There are also a plethora of penguin interviews with those who poured blood, sweat, tears and battery fluid into the episodes. Guest cast members include Nicholas Ball(Simulant), Rupert Bates(Hector Blob), Francesca Folan(Hologram Camille) and David Ross(Talkie Toaster), all of whom made a memorable mark during their time on board.

Series IV On DVD

There's also a waxdroid spectacular, so you can link to discussions with Pauline Bailey(Marilyn Monroe), Roger Blake(Noel Coward), Martin Friend(Einstein), Kenneth Hadley(Hitler), Tony Hawks(Caligula), Clayton Mark(Elvis) and Stephen Tiller(Pythagoras). Phew!

Meanwhile on the crew front you can hear from co-writer Doug Naylor, and Paul Jackson who (uncredited) directed the White Hole studio day, as well as Mel Bibby(Production Designer), Howard Burden(Costume Designer), Howard Goodall(Music).

Coming soon we'll have the traditional Series IV Quiz, a new Down Time article about the season, plus even more interviews - kicking off with Stan Laurel-alike and High Life co-creator and star Forbes Masson. Don't touch that browser!

Red Dwarf IV is out now in the UK and America. The Region 4 release is slated for March 10th.

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