Interrogation Time

Documentary Evidence - by Andrew Ellard

5 March, 2004

With the commentary recordings barely out of our minds, Grant Naylor Productions descended on London's White City for a two-day session of interviews with the key players from Series V and VI.

Interrogation Time

The whirlwind blur of cramming thirteen (gulp) interviews into this time means that I have only the vaguest memory of the days. We definitely got through a lot of tea and coffee, it was certainly freezing cold outside, and we were undoubtedly blessed with some of the nicest camera, sound and make-up bods in the business. After that and 34 pages of questions, it all goes a bit grey.

Interrogation Time

Tuesday, February 24th kicked off well with DVD newcomer Kerry Waddell - Stage/Production Manager - Craig Charles and Chris Barrie. Each gave their all on the subject of what were, arguably, Red Dwarf's toughest series. (Interesting to note that Chris had become so used to presenting, thanks to his recent stint on Massive Engines, that at first he tried to deliver his answers into camera!)

Then a real coup, as Series V co-director Juliet May settled into the hot-seat - giving the real story behind her role in the show's making with as much laughter as dialogue. She was swiftly followed by the hushed tones of her Series VI successor Andy DeEmmony and the day was rounded off by costume supremo Howard Burden.

Interrogation Time

We returned on the Wednesday for Mike Tucker, taking the reigns from Peter Wragg as our visual effects expert, then concluded the production team roster with Series VI producer Justin Judd. Then it was actors all the way, with Danny John-Jules, Hattie Hayridge and Robert Llewellyn followed by guest stars Jack Docherty (The Inquisitor) and Steven Wickham (Lister's GELF bride).

Shooting in a purpose-built studio beats the pants off the offices we crammed into last year - no herds of elephants tramping about on the floor above! - but otherwise it's very much business as usual, with the bluescreen background likely to be filled by model effect stills and the final edit likely to take the better part of fourteen years...

Interrogation Time

The (currently untitled) documentaries begun here will appear on the Series V and VI DVDs. The observant will have noticed a distinct lack of Doug Naylor among the interviewees - we'll be capturing the Dwarf-meister on tape when he returns to the UK. will be bringing you further updates and developments as they happen.

More DVD Details will follow soon...

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