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The Java phone game Simulants' Revenge kicks electronic bottom.

12 March, 2004

Java game developer Blue Beck have contacted with some updates on the progress of Red Dwarf mobile phone game Simulants' Revenge. First of all we have news that the game has been added to some key WAP and web sites for download. It really does seem to be getting everywhere - a sentiment shared by Blue Beck's Eric Hobson:

Mobile Magic

"The distribution of the Red Dwarf: Simulants' Revenge mobile game is steadily growing across Europe, America and Australasia. We have been fortunate that with some Telecoms Operators we have found Dwarfers in positions of power, speeding the long testing and approvals procedure to get the game live."

You can now pick up Simulants' Revenge in the UK from Vodafone Live, T-Mobile, Partymob, Play Music, Bling, Stealthnet, Bolt Blue and Yahoo - with launches pending on O2, MSN, AOL, Freeserve and Woolworths.

But gamers, Dwarf fans and simulant bashers worldwide are likely to find the game being made available in their region. In the USA, Handango are already hosting, with AT&T, T-Mobile and Nextel all pending. In Australia Blue Sky Frog are already hosting, with Telstra and Singtel on the way. In Germany go to Net Mobile, Mini in Poland, Ziggly/Vodafone in Portugal and Soneral/Zed in Finland.

Mobile Magic

The gameplay, too, has been picking up some well-deserved kudos: "Feedback from mobile gaming professionals has been very positive, rating the game highly for its game play and graphics. Simulants' Revenge is a tough game, it will take a skilled player an hour to complete it." Not that making the game necessarily qualifies you. "I hasten to add I am not a skilled player and have never got beyond level two! Hopefully the Dwarfers out there are ready to rise to the challenge..."

Below you'll find a full list of the phones Simulants' Revenge is currently available for. This is always being updated, though - so if you're still unable to blast the sims back to Silicon Hell, don't worry, you'll soon get your chance!

7650 3650 3660 NGAGE 3100 3200 3300 5100 6100 6200 6230 6610 6650 6800 7210 7250 3510i

V300 V500/V525 V600 T720(i)

M55 S55 SL55 MC60

GX10 GX20


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