Point Pleasant

Series VI Chapters - by Andrew Ellard

21 January, 2005

Wake up at the back there! It's another all-too-thrilling list of episode chapters, this time for Series VI, due out in the UK on February 21st and available to pre-order now from the Red Dwarf Shop. Oh the Joy of DVD. Handy quick access to all those classic scenes, plus fantastic picture quality. Maaaarvellous!

Point Pleasant

1 Titles
2 Awakening
3 Memory Lane
4 The Trail
5 Spaceship Graveyard
6 Great Balls of Fire
7 Pete Tranter's Sister
8 Professor Mamet
9 Credits
1 Titles
2 Space Weevil
3 Blue Alert
4 Call Me Legion
5 Warm Welcome
6 Perfect Cell
7 Under The Mask
8 Star Drive
9 Credits
Gunmen of the Apocalypse
1 Titles
2 Dwarf Noir
3 Rogue Simulants
4 Vindaloovians
5 Kryten's Dream
6 Jacking In
7 Bar Fight
8 Showdown
9 Credits

Point Pleasant

Emohawk - Polymorph II
1 Titles
2 Scramble!
3 Space Filth
4 Wrecked
5 GELF Village
6 The Wedding
7 Duane & Ace
8 Emo-Hunt
9 Credits
1 Titles
2 Worry Balls
3 Boarding Party
4 Spineless Escape
5 100% Success
6 Rimmer's Log
7 Rimmerworld
8 Kit, Derek & Titan
9 Credits
Out of Time
1 Titles
2 Morale Meeting
3 Robo-Lister
4 Bubble Trouble
5 1421
6 Mixed Signals
7 Glimpsing The Future
8 Better Dead Than Smeg
9 Credits - To Be Continued

Point Pleasant

One interesting point of note is that, on checking the discs, we discovered a tiny glitch in the Psirens episode, just at the start of chapter 6. A digital, mix-like transition between a Starbug shot and the cockpit, barely two frames long, that we'd never noticed before (see the whacky picture). Was this some kind of problem with the transfer?

Point Pleasant

Apparently not - it turns out that the same peculiar pixilation appeared on all broadcast versions of the episode, as well on the old VHS release! We'd never noticed it before, but DVD clarity has made it more visible. Still, as part of our ongoing commitment to releasing original versions on DVD, it will remain on the disc. You may now run off to check your VHS tapes.

More DVD Details will follow soon...

The upcoming Red Dwarf DVD releases are as follows:

Region Location Series Date
2 Europe Just the Shows 1 OUT NOW
2 Europe V OUT NOW
2 Europe VI Deb 21, 2005
4 Australasia Just the Shows 1 OUT NOW
4 Australasia V OUT NOW
4 Australasia VI Apr 7, 2005
1 USA & Canada V & VI Mar 15, 2005

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