Series Six DVD

The latest series of Red Dwarf arrives on DVD - and it's a hell of a collection.

18 February, 2005

The wait is over - or so the ad campaign goes. The Red Dwarf VI DVD is out on February 21st, and it's the release that redefines 'large package' for the first time since Linford Christie.

Series Six DVD

If you haven't been keeping track of production with the DVD Details diary... what's wrong with you? If you'd been paying attention you'd already know about the full array of bonus material - including commentaries, documentaries, unseen footage, deleted scenes, outtakes and much, much more. You'd know about the all-new animated menus, that recreate Starbug in intricate CG details, right down to the stains on the floor. You'd know about Howard Goodall: Settling the Score, a special feature devoted to the musical genius' contribution to the show.

But no, you just sit there in front of your browser typing random swearwords into Google, erasing the spam from your inbox and trying to find free 'grownup' footage that lasts more than twenty seconds. Honestly, I don't know why I bother...

Series Six DVD

Ahem. Sorry. Well, in related news the Red Dwarf Shop is now offering a free Series VI screensaver with every purchase. This in addition to the already-amazing half-price deal on the DVD when you snap up one of their funky T-shirts! How can you refuse?!

Pictured are the various contributors to The Starbuggers, our centrepiece documentary which was exclusively previewed earlier this year at the Dimension Jump Red Dwarf convention. And if all this shiny disc talk has you salivating for more VI-related stuff... well, move away from your keyboard, you'll get it all wet.

Series Six DVD

On we have a full episode guide with clips and classic moments, a chunky 'making of' in the Time Hole, a stills gallery and Talkie Toaster character pieces featuring Legion and Lister's GELF bride.

Plus there's a veritable database of Mr Flibble interviews - including actors Jenny Agutter(Professor Mamet), Anita Dobson(Captain Tau), Denis Lill(Simulant/Death) and Nigel Williams(Legion); and crew members Andy de Emmony(director), Mel Bibby(production designer), Howard Burden(costume designer), Howard Goodall(composer), Keith Mayes(sound supervisor), Rocket(camera supervisor) and FX dudes Mike Tucker and Peter Wragg. Plus Doug Naylor and GNP's own Helen Norman.

Series Six DVD

If your DVD isn't already on order, we hope all this has whetted your appetite (careful, you're drooling again). For everyone else, just sit back, grab a leopard lager and an industrial-size bag of Doritos and prepare yourself for over nine hours worth of viewing. And don't forget - we want to hear what you think! Once you've had your fill of watching the discs, post your reviews on our WebBoard.

Series VI is out in Region 4 on April 7th; V and VI come out in Region 1 on March 15th.

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