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Bid now as Red Dwarf cast members do their bit for Comic Relief!

11 March, 2005

Hattie Hayridge, Norman Lovett, Chloë Annett and Mac McDonald are among a number of stars contributing to the McCain Comic Relief Potato Print Auction.

The idea is simplicity itself. Our guys and girls were provided with potatoes, red and yellow paint, and a huge sheet of card - and they did the rest. While Norman's 'I'm An Alien' and Hattie's 'King of the Potato' are conventional representations of the art form, Mac's 'buttock print' is a whole new mode of expression. As well as being vaguely unhygienic.

The results are being included in this eBay Auction which hopes to raise a goodly sum as part of Red Nose Day - and, as the devoted and generous fans we know you to be, we're sure demand for the Dwarfers' 'art' will be sizable. And if it isn't, we're sending the penguin round.

Hattie Hayridge's Comic Relief art: It's art, Jim, but not as we know it

The photo of Hattie - pictured - was taken at our recent cast and crew interview session. Despite not being involved with the two series (VII and VIII) we were discussing, Hattie came by to say hi, and to do her bit for Comic Relief - using the available utensils from the studio kitchen to carve her potatoes (and bemoaning the lack of blue paint at regular intervals). She was very pleased to have managed the job "without cutting any fingers off"!

Norman, meanwhile, may have found a new career path: "It's always a great pleasure to do something for Red Nose Day and now that my artistic talents have been discovered I cannot begin to describe my happiness."

In related news, McCain's Raising a Smile for Red Nose Day poll of 8,000 people has also seen Red Dwarf enter the top 30 comedy shows ever at number 22, beating out Taxi, Frasier, M*A*S*H and South Park. The top five were: The Office (at number one), Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, The Simpsons and Friends. Not as catchy as being in the top ten, but we're always happy just to be placed.

Red Nose: Looks like Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon has been busy...

Comic Relief night is Friday, March 11th. encourages everyone to dig deep and give generously... and to bid on those prints like your very souls depended on it!

Auction Link:

Comic Relief Website:

Donation Line:
08457 910 910 (local rate call charges apply)

Comic Relief is registered charity number 326568.

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