Top Of The Polls

Well, pretty damn close at any rate.

29 July, 2005

As you might recall from our previous story, SFX Magazine recently ran a poll to find viewers' all-time favourite slice of Brit SF. Well, the results came in mere weeks ago, and a special magazine has the full SP...

And that was the last time they let the Cat make coffee...

And oh, it was close. Only the narrowest of narrow margins apparently separated Red Dwarf from that elusive top spot, coming in at a still-impressive second place. The winner? Only Doctor Who - the brand-new, promotion-backed series of which ran to (well deserved) critical acclaim and ratings success this year on BBC1. Which is to say that second place is pretty smegging good for a BBC2 comedy series that hasn't had a new series since 1999.

Chuffed to bits with the result, Doug Naylor was interviewed by SFX for their special issue of the magazine, SFX Collection: Best of British, which is due out on August 1st.

The timing alone is interesting, coming as it does so soon after Red Dwarf placed 13th in the CultTV chart. That poll was based on CultTV festival attendees voting for their top five cult shows, and saw Dwarf up one place on the 2002 poll. (Who won here, too, followed by Trek and Buffy/Angel.)

So what's keeping Red Dwarf simmering in the consciousness of fans after all this time? DVD releases? The constant internet presence from official and fan sites? The eternal hope of a Dwarf motion picture? Tell us what you think right now on the Red Dwarf Webboard.

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